Staying Healthy While You Travel – Our Top Tips

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In the second installment of her Green Queen series, Karin Reiter of Nuritious n Delicious shares her travel tips with us.  A frequent flyer and yet, she manages to stay healthy by adhering to good habits, which she outlines for us here.

Without access to your kitchen, personal trainer and morning green smoothie, your vacation or business trip could result in a nutritional disaster and lead to a few extra pounds, a sluggish/heavy feeling and the need to detox when you come home. How can you avoid this?

Believe it or not, it is possible to travel and stay healthy and right on track- it’s all about preparation and your mind set. Below are my own simple tips. Make them yours!

When Traveling on a Plane

* Book a fruit meal (Cathay Pacific even has raw vegan meals available from Hong Kong).

* Plan ahead: bring your own sandwich, homemade muffin, trail mix, instant oatmeal or miso soup sachets.

* Drink plenty of water, 8 ounces every hour or so is ideal.

* Avoid alcohol- it will dehydrate you.

Staying Healthy While You Travel - Our Top Tips
Source: Simple Veganista

When Staying in a Hotel

* Hit the gym or pool ASAP. If there isn’t one, go for a run- you just need your trainers and a pavement/park/trail.

* For breakfast stick to eggs (egg white omelette with veggies- no cheese and no ham, fresh fruits and plain yogurt). You can also carry your own oatmeal or muesli and bring it with you to breakfast.

* Order a goodie bag with a healthy sandwich or salad for a easy take away lunch.

* Ask for the mini bar to be cleared before your arrival and stop by the closest supermarket to pick up some healthy snacks, fresh fruit

Foods to Pack

* Herbal tea bags – Perfect just before bed. I love chamomile, lemon ginger and peppermint. Hard to find a hotel room without a kettle.

* Protein powder sachets –Perfect for a breakfast option or an early afternoon hunger pang, I love to mix a clean protein powder in some water. Remember to bring your smoothie mix cup along too!

* Healthy snacks  – A bag of raw nuts, homemade trail mix (sunflower, pumpkin seeds, goji berries and raw cacao nibs), home made low sugar muesli, instant miso soups, instant oatmeal, dehydrated fruits, apple chips, sprouted granola bars, rice/corn cakes with nut butter sachets.

* Stevia liquid – a non-caloric natural sugar alternative to sweeten my tea/yoghurt during travel.

The secret to traveling smart: keep active and start the day off right (=do some fitness, drink a green juice, choose a healthier breakfast) to get you in the right frame of mind for a healthy day.

Most important of all: enjoy yourself and make the most of your trip- even if it’s for work! Remember, traveling broadens our minds and bodies!

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