Hälsa 100% Clean Plant-Based Yogurt Brand Unveils Online Store For U.S. Consumers

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Hälsa, a female-founded and owned plant-based yogurt company, has launched its online store to make its plant-based products accessible to consumers across the United States.

New York-based Hälsa uses oat milk to develop its yogurt and stays away from adding any chemicals or enzymes during production, resulting in a completely clean product without any artificial or processed components such as gums, emulsifiers, phosphates, and processed sugar that could risk one’s gut health.

Hälsa means ‘health’ in Swedish, and the oat milk-based yogurts are developed out of whole grain oats that are presently grown in Scandinavia and boast a zero water footprint. The yogurts are also 100% vegan, contains prebiotics and probiotics, don’t have any added sugar and each serving has about 90 – 130 calories

In a press release seen by Green Queen, Hälsa Founder and Chairman of the Board, Helena Lumme, said that they kept receiving requests from customers across the country. “Due to Covid, many retailers are not looking at new products, so we decided to open our own online store and give our customers the convenience of having Halsa delivered to their front door.”

Helena Lumme. Source: Hälsa

As the demand for plant-based foods is increasing, we’ve seen a broader customer base desiring clean, unprocessed options. Hälsa is the only 100% clean oatmilk yogurt out there with clean ingredients, label and process

Helena Lumme, founder and chairman of the Board, Hälsa

At the moment, the products are sold in retail stores across the North East and Pacific Northwest along with expansion plans in California this spring. Apart from this, the yogurts are also available in another online store, Fresh Direct.

Lumme added: “As the demand for plant-based foods is increasing, we’ve seen a broader customer base desiring clean, unprocessed options. Hälsa is the only 100% clean oat milk yogurt out there with clean ingredients, label and process.”

To invite consumers from all across the country to try out its products, Hälsa has a special discount code – HelloHalsa, valid for the first month and your first purchase, offering some of its yogurts for US$19.99 (usual price – US$29.99) plus free shipping.

Apart from being a ‘clean label’ plant-based brand, the young company is looking to help convert dairy farms to oat ones: Hälsa launched an initiative as part of a dairy-to-oat sustainable farming conversion program, where, along with U.S. dairy farmers, it planted the first Scandinavian organic oat seeds in a pilot farm.

Additionally, Hälsa is working with Scandinavian organic farmers and researchers to start growing oats in the U.S. on a larger scale, along with drafting a guidebook that aims to help other dairy farms make the switch. According to the company, oats help reduce soil erosion and reduce the need for herbicides so growing these crops is a boon for the farmers.

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Plant-based yogurt is increasingly gaining momentum and becoming a consumer favourite as companies are constantly innovating and launching new brands in the market. In India, greek yogurt brand Epigamia unveiled its new 100% plant-based coconut yogurts, one unsweetened, the other with jaggery. China too has jumped on this bandwagon with Nongfu Spring, a home-grown plant-based yogurt brand.

Lead image courtesy of Hälsa.


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