Healing Energies: How To Choose The Right Energy Healing Practitioner – A Complete Guide

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In her second Green Queen column, Reiki healer and energy practitioner Corie Chu offers very helpful advice for the first time energy healing seeker on how to choose the right person to work with. The chemistry you have with your healer is a key part of your energy journey so it’s important to choose right.

Interested in trying out Energy Healing, but not sure who to work with? There are a good amount of Energy Healers here in Hong Kong, so how can you tell who’s the right one for you? Below is a useful guide on how to find the most suitable Energy Healing Practitioner for you: what to think about, what to consider, how to evaluate the overall process. Hope it helps you to find your person.

Connection: Do You Feel Safe & Comfortable With Your Energy Healer?

Energy Healing is a very personal experience and since you’ll probably be unraveling details from a sensitive issue or situation that you’ve experienced, you need to feel safe, comfortable and connected to your Energy Healing Practitioner. Your Energy Healer needs to be professional, trustworthy and someone who can understand your situation without judgement. Remember, this is YOUR healing journey, the focus should be on you and you only during the session, not what the healer may have similarly experienced or not before. You are choosing to open yourself up to your energy healer so make sure that you feel respected by him or her and that you’re working at a pace that feels good.

Modality: Is The Energy Healer Practicing A Healing Service That Speaks To You?

Review the types of energy healing services offered by the practitioner you’re interested in working with. How does it feel to you? If it feels comfortable and makes you curious, obviously go for it. But if you’re finding yourself abnormally resistant towards the treatment then don’t push yourself. It’s normal to feel excited, a good kind of nervous or even skeptical (but with an open mind) if you’ve never received energy healing before but you should not feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Credentials: Is Your Energy Healer Certified?

You can easily google energy healing modalities nowadays and see what requirements are necessary in order to facilitate energy healing on a professional level (they vary according to each practice). For example, if you’re looking to work with a Reiki practitioner, make sure he or she is certified to practice Reiki Level 2 or higher. Keep in mind, some types of energy healing don’t have formal training yet or information may not be available online as they may have been passed down from ancestors or from skilled masters to appointed students. Additionally, some people are naturally-born gifted with certain types of energy healing abilities, which would require some trust from you towards your energy healing practitioner.

If an energy healing modality is intuitive to the practitioner, ask for more information about the treatment and make a decision from there. A responsible Intuitive Energy Healer should have done some decent formation around their modality before offering it. If the energy healer isn’t able to explain the service proficiently, then for safety reasons, I’d suggest taking a beat until you and your practitioner feel clear and confident that the treatment is suitable for you.

Cost: Have You Planned For Your Energy Healing Treatments?

A typical energy healing session ranges from HK$900- HK$1,500 for 60 minutes. Unfortunately, energy healing treatments are not yet covered by insurance in Hong Kong. This varies by country. In the United States, for example, some types of modalities such as Reiki are covered. Just like most therapies, it will take multiple sessions to create longer term, more effective healing. If you’ve had a recurring issue for 10 years, it would be unrealistic to expect that it could be resolved in one treatment. Even healthy folks like to have an energy healing session a few times a year for a cleanse or to continue their path of self-discovery. You need to budget for more than one session, which can certainly add up in costs.

See if your energy healing practitioner offers packages. A young grad student who was a client of mine shared this nugget of wisdom with me once: “It’s all about budgeting for the things that are most important and to me, this is what I need right now.” If energy healing is what calls to you, make a commitment to investing in your own well-being. It’s a much more sustainable solution with long-lasting effects.

Location: Where Is Your Energy Healer Based?

How far are you willing to travel for a great Energy Healing session? Convenience is important, however, it’s worth going out of your way to work with an Energy Healer you resonate with more. If you have a spacious home, perhaps ask if your Energy Healing Practitioner is willing to travel to you for an additional fee. It’s also worth keeping in mind that some energy treatments can unleash powerful emotions so you may not feel like a long post-session commute.

At the end of the day, energy attracts energy, so even if you find the person who looks great on paper, you need to make that the same person feels right in your gut (AKA intuition). Choose to work with someone you’re comfortable with, who you know you can ultimately advance with on your path towards healing and empowerment. Energy healing could be exactly the type of gentle yet powerful support that you need in order to move through some prolonged life challenges.

And when in doubt, reach out to the Energy Healing Practitioner you’re interested in working with and have an initial conversation first about what you’re looking for. A good, honest practitioner will always have your best interest at heart and will truthfully tell you if they think their skillset can address your needs or refer you to someone else they think could be more effective to you.

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