HK Yoga Teacher Series: Katharina Bleinis, Founder Of JAHMU Restorative Turmeric Tonics

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How did yoga enter your life?

You could say that I’m the new yogi on the block when it comes to teaching in Hong Kong. After practicing yoga for over a decade in Vancouver where I grew up, I finally decided to complete my teacher training in Bali last year while I was traveling through Asia. Fast forward a year later, and here I am in Hong Kong teaching!  

Where and what type of yoga do you teach?

I work on a freelance basis, offering privates, corporate classes, and group classes around Hong Kong Island. My classes vary in style and rhythm. However, I consider myself a Vinyasa-based teacher by nature. Growing up, I was a gymnast and a dancer so I like to bring movement and strength together when I teach, leaving my students feeling sweaty, soulful, and empowered after the class. If you are an early riser, come ‘Rise and Flow’ with me at Lemondrop Studio in Kennedy Town and Kita Yoga in Sheung Wan.

What yoga mat do you use every day?

I’ve never gone searching for a perfect mat. The mat I have is an old school original Lululemon mat that has traveled around the world with me. Everyone’s mat is unique to them based on the experiences the mat has gone through with the yogi. It’s an emotional roller-coaster for us all. So the sweat, tears and frustration  are what make my yoga mat my favorite.

What yoga accessory do you swear by?

My yoga mat and JAHMU, the restorative turmeric tonic that I created and now sell in Hong Kong. I replenish with it after every practice.

What is your favorite yogawear brand?

I am a sucker for loose and baggy clothing when I practice yoga. I want my skin to be able to breathe through each movement in my practice. I find that the gear that I wear most are all my funky pieces of random pieces of clothing I accumulate in Bali. Otherwise, my go-to is my hometown brand: Lululemon of course!

What is your daily mantra?

My daily mantra is “Be the energy YOU want to attract.” 

What yoga studio do you enjoy practicing at?

While I practice at Pure Yoga during the week, I create my own little sanctuary in my room for self-practice and meditation. It is also important to me to create a sacred space in the comfort of my own home away from the outside world where I can be alone and focus. 

Where do you go to eat?

This goes without saying: I love MANA! Fast Slow Food.

What’s your favorite thing about Green Queen?

I love that Green Queen has brought together a close-knit community that is focused towards promoting a more holistic and sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong. 

Katharina is a yoga teacher, a health tonic connoisseur and a prospective Naturopathic doctor from Vancouver, B.C. who currently calls Hong Kong home. Passionate about promoting health & wellness, Katharina recently launched JAHMU, a line of restorative tonics inspired by traditional Balinese wellness drinks, with aspirations to revolutionize the future of holistic wellness. You can follow Katharina’s yoga journey on her website and you can find out more about JAHMU on Facebook and Instagram

Image courtesy of Katharina Bleinis. 


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