The Ultimate Hong Kong CBD Guide: From Lattes To Snack Bars To Dog Treats

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The humble hemp plant is having a moment in our fair city. Hong Kongers in the know have been using CBD for a couple of years now (and we’ve banging on about it for a while), but suddenly it seems CBD is everywhere. Your aunt’s tried a CBD latte, your best friend’s dog is on CBD drops and your colleague is insistent that CBD has cured her poor sleep. After a relatively quiet mostly-skincare-and-CBD-infused-oils entry into the Hong Kong market proffered by a handful of pioneers, cannabidiol is a newborn star of Hong Kong’s dynamic wellness scene, so we’ve done the hard work of creating your very own Hong Kong CBD guidebook!

If you’re still unclear about what CBD is and why it’s useful, read this. If you are looking for dosing info and how to get started, we’ve got you covered here. For everything else, check the deets below in our comprehensive guide. Happy CBDiscovering!

CBD Heaven: Hong Kong’s First CBD Cafe & Store

Source: Found

Just curious and don’t know where to start? Head to Found, the city’s first CBD café and boutique concept store that opened this June. Found offers its customers CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, body lotions and balms, as well as pre-packaged snacks and drinks – including pet-friendly items like CBD dog treats. The Cafe hasn’t opened yet but you can already try their pastries and chocolates infused with CBD.

Address: Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan (previous location of MANA Poho).

Where To Grab A CBD Latte Around Town

Source: Elephant Grounds

Mixing CBD with coffee? Yes, why not! Actually it can be great way to get energised (thanks caffeine) while keeping your anxiety at bay (all CBD), not to mention that CBD can also help improve our mental acuity and focus better. If you are a big coffee drinker, that’s a double win!

Here’s where to find the best CBD lattes in town

Source: Wild12 HK

Or Just Make Your Own CBD Infused Coffee At Home

Hong Kong-based Wild 12 offers barista-approved coffee beans infused with US-imported CBD isolates approved by GMP, they manufacture locally in Hong Kong for freshness and quality.

Order your beans online here.

CBD Beer? Yes, Please!

Source: OH CBD Beer

Love beer but don’t want to experience a messy head the day after? Give OH CBD Beer, Asia’s first CBD beer, a try! The bottled brew launched just a few months ago and was created by the team at Heaven’s Please, Hong Kong’s original CBD experts. Labeled as ‘hangover-free’ and healthy beer, it can be a great alternative to your regular pint for those after-work drinks, not to mention we LOVE the bottle design.

Order Oh CBD Beer on their Facebook page or find an exclusive Oh CBD Beer brew at whole foods plant-based eatery TREEHOUSE.

Believe it or not, we’ve got a second CBD beer in the city, this time made by craft beer pioneers and brewers extraordinaire Young Master Ales, who offers HEA Pale Ale Packs of CBD beer cans (choose pack of 4 or 12).

Get your HEA Pale Ale on the Young Master website or on the Bottle Shop website.


Cacao & Chill: CBD Chocolate Find

Source: Conspiracy Chocolate

It’s been the year of chocolate, with recent studies showing the pandemic has seen choccie sales skyrocket. Not sure that’s the case at our house, since we’re pretty much always overdosing on cacao. But even we were pretty excited to learn that the team behind one of Hong Kong’s most passionate quality chocolate missions, Conspiracy Chocolate, have just dropped their very own CBD chocolate bar, handcrafted right here in Hong Kong from single origin cacao beans. Why not combine pleasure with positive health effects?

Order the CBD Chocolate Bar from their website or purchase it at one of their multiple retail partner locations, including The Coffee Academics, Polygon, Eric Kayser, Muji, Bones & Blades and others. Bonus: Conspiracy also makes an exclusive CBD chocolate bar just for TREEHOUSE.

Source: Bejuiced

Revitalize With CBD Smoothies & Acai Bowls

Bejuiced has been serving up some of the city’s best organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies and acai bowls for years now, so it’s hardly surprising that they have upped the ante with made-to-order CBD-infused versions !

Order the CBD-infused range of drinks and bowls at their Central shop: 45 Peel Street, Hong Kong.

Get Better Zzzs With CBD Sleep Drops

Source: OTO CBD Asia

Suffering from insomnia and anxiety attacks in the middle of the night? CBD oil drops can help you to recover the precious sleep by putting you into the parasympathetic state. OTO CBD Asia offers a variety of sleep products with high-quality, high-concentration CBD and are planning to launch their skin range in Hong Kong soon.

Find the OTO CBD sleep drops on the brand’s Asia website.

CBD Snack Bars

Source: Suphia Functional foods

If you are used to eating your stress away, then nothing’s stopping you from adding CBD and achieving an even more calming effect, not to mention mental clarity to boot!

Hong Kong favourite Suphia’s Functional Foods, beloved for her handmade snack bars that keep you fuelled all day has just announced her collaboration with Found to make limited edition CBD bars (using their Life Pure CBD). Choose from one of 4 Functional Bar flavours including Black Sesame, Mixed Berry, Cacao Banana and KETO Cacao Peanut Butter.

Contact Suphia directly on Facebook to order your CBD bars or pick up the bars at Found in Poho (8 Tai On Terrace and The Hive Cafe in Sheung Wan.

The Best All Around Shops For CBD Self Care

Source: Heavens Please

Looking for a one-stop CBD destination? Heavens Please, Hong Kong’s premier CBD beauty & wellness destination is your answer, and honestly the duo behind this online shop can be credited for starting the Hong Kong CBD revolution. Run by a local entrepreneur, Denise Tam who is the city’s top expert in everything about CBD, Heavens Please offers the biggest online range of products from edibles (think roasted snack nuts and coffee) to skincare essentials and CBD-infused lubricants to plain old CBD tinctures from well known brands like Yuyo Botancis and Khus + Khus.

Explore Heavens Please’s CBD range on their website.

We also recently discovered the newly launched 852CBDHK offerin popular Green Roads products including CBD topicals, CBD gummies, and CBD oils for pets. Yes, our cats and dogs deserve a proper care too, #amiright? Brands include popular Green Roads,

Discover 852CBD’s products on their website.

NOSH CBD Infused Power Balls Healthy Snacks

CBD-Infused Power Balls

NOSH just launched a new line of CBD-infused snacks that you can add next to their meal order. Fear not, their rotating CDB snack menu guarantees you get a different CDB treat regularly!

Add NOSH’s CBD balls to any meal plans, sign up for yours here.

Lead image courtesy of Healthline.


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