#VEGAN Hong Kong Christmas Guide: Restaurants, Groceries & Catering

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Restaurants Serving Vegan Christmas Dinner, Brunches & More

  • Nectar: Nectar will sadly be closing its doors December 27th- don’t miss a last hurrah at Peggy Chan’s award-winning and boundary-breaking restaurant- book their Festive Menu ASAP!
  • Mak Mak: Going out with Omnis? Not to worry! Mak Mak will be serving a festive sharing brunch on Christmas Day and Boxing Day with vegetarian options. Sharing is caring and all lifestyles can sit on this table.
  • Gaddi’s at The Peninsula: Add a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your holidays with a French fine dining vegetarian festive menu this Christmas Eve, on a restaurant perfectly located inside this landmark of Hong Kong history.
  • Felix at The Peninsula: Prefer to have a celebration overlooking the city? Head to Felix for a vegetarian Christmas celebration with a side of Hong Kong’s skyline in all its glory.
  • POP Vegan: Featuring a special 4-Course Menu, pop (!) into this cherished vegan eatery in the heart of Soho for a guilt-free, cruelty-free Christmas celebration. Their festive menu is available on 24-26, 31 Dec 2018 & 1 Jan 2019, but you have to book- advance reservation and deposit required on or before 20 Dec 2018.
  • The Globe: Dreaming of a Christmas roast? The Globe comes to the rescue. Their Holiday menu includes roasted mushroom & lentil pate or toffee pudding.
  • Beet: Add a dash of modern European feeling with Beet’s Seasonal Vegetarian Tasting Menu. Splash a special evening paring the menu with matching drinks.
  • Sensory ZERO: another place to come with omnis, so everyone can have a happy festive tummy no matter what’s their dietary choice. Sensory ZERO’s Christmas set includes a vegan stuffed turkey.
Vegan Menu Tredwell's restaurant for The Telegraph
Vegan Christmas Feast (Source: The Telegraph for Tredwell’s Restaurant)

Vegan Baked Goods, Chocolate, Groceries & More

  • Marks and Spencer FOOD: The British supermarket is outdoing itself with loads of vegan products this year including Vegan Mince Pies, vegan ready festive food and more. Make sure to lookout for the products under the M&S brand Plant Kitchen.
  • The Cakery: No festive meal can be complete without dessert. Unless you’re my grandma, in which case it’s every day. The Cakery has a wide range of vegan baked goods- Order at The Cakery for a selection of, yes, vegan cupcakes.
  • Green Common: If you’re preparing a vegan feast at home, the hustle gets easier when you can finding everything in one place. Green Common has it all: a freezer full of plant-based meats (Omnipork, Beyond, Gardein) including their veggie Christmas roast, a fridge full of the best vegan dairy including vegan butter and cheeses like Miyoko’s, Daiya, Faba and Follow Your Heart and shelves and shelves of 100% plant-based sauces, snacks, ingredients, pantry items and more.
  • Mayse Bakery: This father-daughter run Latvian bakery serves the most famous sourdough bread in town. Think about the most wholesome artisan bread with the best quality ingredients and a wild yeast sure to soothe all kinds of bellies and delight all kinds of appetites- plus: everything’s vegan.
  • Live Zero: All the knicks and knacks you can think of to compliment your festive table can be found at Live Zero. Plus they are plastic-free! Shop here for nuts & seeds, chips, snack mixes, vegan candy, vegan choccies, and baking ingredients, including ingredients to decorate your Christmas cookies.
  • Cacao.hk: Eating natures most beloved dessert ingredient and doing good has never been easier. Cacao HK has vegan chocolate, sourced 100% ethically is also fighting hard to produce chocolate without child labour and they have a vegan version!
  • Conspiracy Chocolate: Your biggest dilemma with Conspiracy Chocolate will be which flavour you want. Locally produced and carefully sourced, this Hong Kong brand serves just vegan chocs.
  • Tai Tai Pie Pies: Missing a truly traditional American pie? Tai Tai Pie Pies offers pies like the ones you would eat at home (that is, if you are from that part of the globe) & now you can enjoy one in Hong Kong too. #VeganFTW
Vegan Christmas Platter The Healthy Hour H
Vegan Christmas Platter (Source: The Healthy Hour)

Vegan Festive Catering

  • Happy Plantarian Vegan Cheeze Platter: These two sisters and vegan cheese experts will prepare an incredible and super-varied platter you won’t believe is dairy-free. They can create the vegan version of any cheese you can think of! From Blue Cheeze to French Brie, Sharp Cheddar, Gouda, Italian Burrata and more, there’s something (plant-based) for everyone at your table.
  • Green Common: Celebrate at home without any worries or extra work- who has time to prepare a full festive menu anyways, #AmIRight? Order their vegan Christmas catering menu for a fuss-free holiday celebration.
  • Habitu: As they say themselves, Habitu delivers the finest coffee, foods and joy right to your doorstep. But what you may not know is that they have a kickin’ vegetarian holiday catering menu including a plant-based take on Beef Wellington with Beets.

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