New Year, New You: Hong Kong’s Best Healthy Meal Plans 2019

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Meal delivery plans continue to be really popular, and it’s easy to see why. They are convenient, time-saving, and delicious! Plus they take you one step closer to eating healthy! Let a certified nutritionist bother about ensuring you are getting all your macros and all your nutrients. Leave the gourmet prep to professional chefs. Taking the guesswork out of weighing and portioning your food and saving you time from grocery shopping, a meal plan can be the difference between feeling at the top of your game, and losing it when you are a busy professional! Luckily, Hong Kong boasts a fair few healthy food delivery services to choose from. Below, Green Queen features the best meal plans in town in a handy comparison format- for consistency, we’ve chose plans based on a 1500 calorie day. From vegan to raw to high-protein, there’s a plan for everyone. 

Eatology – VEGAN option available

Price: HKD 1,990 per week (three meals a day plus two snacks on Lighter Delights option)

Sample Macro Breakdown (for Lighter Delights): Daily Average Macro for three meals and snacks – Calories 1,509, Protein: 110g, Carbs 135g, Fats 59g.

Sample Menu (for Lighter Delights): Huevos rancheros for breakfast; Grass-fed beef burger with homemade ketchup and sautéed potato for lunch; Sous vide halibut filet with salsa verde and Sicilian caponata for dinner; carrot apple salad and cheesy pasta pie for snacks.

With over 500 different dishes in their rolodex, clients are able to enjoy two straight months of different meals. If there are certain ingredients you cannot consume, let them know when you sign up. There is an additional cost of HKD 35 per day, per restriction in addition to the regular price, depending on the complexity to remove remove and replace the ingredients. Other dietary restrictions, such as pork or squid, will not be charged.

Logistics: Meals are delivered every Monday through Saturday, dropped off at your home, office or gym starting at 7:00AM. Eatology is also able to provide evening delivery beginning at 5:30PM for meals the night before if this alternative is more convenient for you. Delivery charge is free for Hong Kong Island HKD 25 for Kowloon (though delivery is free for ICC), and charges for New Territories and the Outlying Islands will vary in accordance to the distance and mileage related to the address where the order is delivered. Contact Eatology directly at +852 2368 6891 or email for inquiries.

Packaging: The entire meal plans are made of compostable and biodegradable packaging with plastic-free utensils.

Special Dietary Options: Eatology carries the largest range of meal subscriptions such as low carb, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic light, and dairy-free tailor-made meals with over 100 healthy and personalized gourmet meals. Receive a free consultation with their in-house nutritionists when you begin with their program.

Nosh – VEGAN option available

Price: HKD 1,350 per week (three meals a day on Western cuisine option)

Sample Macro Breakdown (for Western cuisine): Daily Average Macro for three meals – Calories 1,483, Protein: 80g, Carbs 150g, Fats 63g.

Sample Menu (for Western Cuisine): Peanut Butter and oat pudding dried fruit and mixed nuts for breakfast; Sriracha cha sui rooted pulled pork tenderloin with scallion pesto and mixed grain and sautéed vegetables for lunch; Herb marinated salmon with pumpkin and dried cranberry quinoa salad for dinner; Pina Colada chia pudding for snack. Contact Nosh directly at +852 2388 1999 or email for inquiries.

Let Nosh know if you have allergies so they can accommodate your needs before you order.

Logistics: Meals are delivered every Monday through Saturday, dropped off at your doorstep between 7:00AM – 9:30AM.  Contact Nosh directly for meals during public holidays. Delivery to all of Hong Kong island and Kowloon is provided in the cost. For Tseung Kwan O and Shatin in New Territories, an extra delivery fee will be added on, but know that they do provide the option.

Packaging: Designed out of sugarcane and PLA plastic (polylactic acid, a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic from renewable resources like corn or cassava root), these packaging decomposes in 51 days in a landfill!

Special Dietary Options: Simply choose between Asian or Western cuisine to get started. From there, clients can opt for a Balanced Diet plan (1500 calories), Muscle Building plan (1800 calories) or Weight Loss plan (1200 calories).

Nutrition Kitchen

Price: HKD 1,245 per week (three meals a day for the small mixed option)

Sample Macro Breakdown (for small mixed option): Protein: 35.3g, Fats: 12.8g, Carbs: 11.7g, Calories 304 for breakfast; Protein 39.9g, Fats: 12.3g, Carbs 46g, Calories 455 for lunch; Protein 40.7g, Fats 14.7g, Carbs 47.9g, Calories 487 for dinner.

Sample Menu: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus and goat cheese for breakfast; Curry chicken salad with green apples and raisins for lunch; Mexican pulled pork al pastor with roasted red, green and yellow peppers, onions, tomato salsa, and Spanish rice pilaf for dinner.

With over 80 unique dishes in their Six Week Menu Cycle, variety abounds on Nutrition Kitchen’s meal plans.

Logistics: Meals are delivered every Monday through Friday, dropped off at your doorstep between 5:00AM – 10:00AM all over Hong Kong island, Kowloon, and Discovery Bay. Please note there are currently no deliveries to New Territories. HKD 100 delivery fee per day will be charged for orders in The Peak and HKD 40 delivery fee per day will be charged for orders in Discovery Bay. There are no deliveries during the weekend and public holidays. Contact Nutrition Kitchen directly at +852 5192 1292 or email for inquiries.

Packaging: All meals now use biodegradable boxes made from sugarcane and recycled paper bags.

Special Dietary Options: Available in low carb and regular with carbs, in small and large options. All low carb meals are mostly gluten-free, but please check with Nutrition Kitchen first before placing your order.

The Raw Circus – VEGAN by design

Price: HKD 1,800 per week (three meals a day plus two snacks on Stay Fit Plan)

Sample Macro Breakdown (for Stay Fit option): Daily Average Macro for three meals and snacks: Not Available- at the moment, the Raw Circus does not offer macro information. 

Sample Menu (for Stay Fit Plan): Banana flax pancakes with raspberry whipped cream for breakfast; Cucumber and mint infused morning for late morning snack; Citrus gazpacho with yellow peppers and cucumbers for lunch appetizer; Rainbow sushi rolls with tamarind and spicy mustard for lunch; Grapefruit and ginger infused water for afternoon snack; Zaghetti with pumpkin seed sauce and raisins for dinner.

Logistics: Meals are delivered every Monday through Friday in either 3-day or 5-day durations. Stay tuned for 7-day plan in the future. Delivery times are slated between 7:00AM and 9:00AM. Special deliveries before 7:00AM are subject to an extra surcharge. Delivery charge is a flat fee of HKD 40 throughout Hong Kong Island and HKD 55 for Kowloon. Charges for New Territories will vary in accordance to the distance and mileage related to address where the order is delivered. Contact The Raw Circus directly at +852 5265 1381 or email for inquiries.

Packaging: The entire meal plans are made of compostable and biodegradable packaging with no cutlery provided to avoid waste. There is also a #ZeroWaste delivery option, upon request. Select the Zero Waste option at check out, which will add HKD 50 per day deposit for reusable containers and HKD 100 for pick up of the containers at the end of your plan and handling. Upon return of all containers, The Raw Circus will credit the deposit back to your card.

Special Dietary Options: The first raw vegan meal service in the city, all meals from The Raw Circus are 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten- and lactose-free. The Detox/Weight Control Plan is also entirely ketogenic.

Biorna Quantics – VEGAN option available

April 2019 Update: Biorna Quantics has closed down operations. 

Price: HK1,770* per week, based on 3 x 300 calorie meals a day, five days a week. (*including delivery)

Sample Macro Breakdown (for lifestyle essential): For the smart-living person living without specific weight goals, Biorna Quantics recommends the ratios of: 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate, 30% fat.

Sample Menu: Bactrian hemp loaf and cauliflower hash for breakfast; Beef sirloin with mushrooms and nuts for lunch; Flathead sole with spring onions and ginger for dinner.

There are over 70 dishes to choose from in their 4- to 12-week menu cycle that includes functional bars, breakfasts with prebiotic to promote healthy digestion, and smoothies packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients. Biorna also provides smoothies and live protein bars.

Logistics: Meals are delivered every Monday through Friday, dropped off at your doorstep starting at 7:30AM all over Hong Kong island or Tung Chung in Kowloon. There are no deliveries during the weekend and public holidays. Contact Biorna Quantics directly at +852 2882 6239 or email for inquiries.

Packaging: All meals are delivered in compostable eco-friendly bamboo containers, and the Biorna Quantics kitchen operates zero waste.

Special Dietary Options: All meals are gluten- and grain-free, dairy- and soy-free. They also debuted a new series of eight vegan meals onto their meal plans last summer.

Images courtesy of Pexels (lead), Eatology, Nosh, and Nutrition Kitchen, The Raw Circus, and Biorna Quantics.


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