This Startup Just Created The World’s First Hypnosis Program To Rid Meat Addiction

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Your friends are all ditching meat, or at least actively reducing their intake and going flexitarian. You want to join them, for health, environmental and ethical reasons. But somehow, you’re finding it incredibly difficult. The answer, according to vegan startup Raging Pig, is hypnosis. 

Based in Sweden, Raging Pig wants to help people “get off meat” with a brand new program that uses hypnosis. According to the startup, it’s the world’s first hypnosis program dedicated to tackling meat addiction. It’s completely free and involves three easy-to-follow steps to guide people through their journey away from meat. 

Get Off Meat Hypnosis

The program is called G.O.M.H, which stands for “Get Off Meat Hypnosis”. Raging Pig developed it together with Swedish hypnotherapist Anna-Maj Velander, who guides users through three sessions that will help listeners quit meat. Raging Pig is known for its 100% vegan bacon seasoning.

In the first session, called “Connecting”, listeners are encouraged to relax completely. In the second, “Discovering”, Velander discusses the realities of where meat comes from—but does so with an aura of hope. Finally, in “Reconciliation”, program participants will travel back in time to get inspired to start their meat-free journey for a better future. 

All three episodes of the program are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you normally listen to podcasts. Raging Pig recommends one session per day to “allow the experience to integrate properly” and to “find a place where you won’t be disturbed and can sit or lie down comfortably.” 

Building a sustainable food system

Raging Pig says the whole idea to create the world’s first hypnosis program to help people with their meat addiction is inspired by their mission to build a better food system. 

“For hundreds of years, our broken food system has successfully infected billions of people with the meateatism disease, leaving us disconnected and misled on a level deeper than we’re capable of grasping,” explained the startup. 

“Since childhood, we’ve been taught, or honestly manipulated, that regardless of the circumstances, we NEED to eat meat. This lie is pretty easy to overthrow with reason, but harder to overcome emotionally.” 

Raging Pig went on to explain that consumers can take back control through this program, which will help them make better, more ethical, and sustainable food choices. 

Globally, the livestock industry drives nearly a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also a major contributor to deforestation, soil erosion, and water waste, not to mention animal cruelty. Studies have also shown the negative health impacts of high meat consumption, from raising the risk of certain cancers to heart disease. 

The Swedish startup says the program will keep plant-forward eaters on track too. “If you ever find yourself close to a meat relapse in the future, simply go through the program again.”

Lead image courtesy of Raging Pig.


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