Introducing SEED, Sai Kung’s New Bulk Grocery & Zero Waste Lifestyle Shop

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The picturesque seaside town of Sai Kung just got greener with the addition of SEED, the newest zero waste shop and bulk food store to arrive in Hong Kong after Edgar and Live Zero. A charming haven for conscious consumers tucked away in the New Territories, this little shop of eco-friendly finds stocks a treasure trove of pantry foods, household cleaning products, personal care, and beauty items for the home and family. 

Entering the diminutive 200 sq.ft. space is reminiscent of walking into a hip antique shop. Think unfinished wood tables, mismatched furniture, vintage wine crates, all packed/stacked to the brim with exciting gems and goodies to help you lead a #zerowaste life. Expertly designed to maximise this small space without feeling claustrophobic or cluttered, the interior is smartly furnished using all secondhand furniture, a nod to its zero waste ethos. From preloved storage shelves to the old umbrella bucket, even their unique signage out front is made from old crates, wood scrapes from their renovation, a used soda can and rubber found from the dumpster. The SEED team is passionate about participating in the circular economy, that is, keeping resources in use for as long as possible and breathing new life into other people’s “trash”.

Short for Saving the Earth Every Day, SEED opened earlier this month to warm reception from the community with a five-star rating on social media backed by delighted customers gushing about their neighbourhood’s new zero waste retail store. Encouraging patrons to bring their own containers for a package-free experience, the shop stocks an array of premium glass vessels for purchase or contribute HKD5 for preloved, donated canisters (100% of the proceeds will go directly back into the community).

Below, Green Queen’s full guide to what you can buy for your kitchen, your bathroom, your skin and more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your reusable bag, some empty glass jars and get ready to SEED it up!

The Rundown Of Bulk Foods Available

  • Dried fruit: organic raisins, organic cranberries, organic figs, organic mulberries, goji berries
  • Dried Beans: organic mung beans
  • Root: shredded ginger
  • Seeds: organic chia, golden flaxseed
  • Grains: organic tricolor quinoa
  • Dried Pasta: organic brown rice and pumpkin vermicelli, fusilli, macaroni, conchiglie, Shanghai noodle, spinach noodle, alphabet pasta (all handmade in Hong Kon)
  • Raw Nuts: almonds
  • Seasonings: Himalayan Pink salt, Italian seasoning, organic turmeric powder
  • Other: organic coconut flour, teas from Thailand and Taiwan, organic coconut chips, fair trade coffee beans from East Timor

Package-Free Household Items

Skin Care / Personal Care Items

Plastic-Free Goods

  • Beeswax wrap from The Chief Project and SEED’s homemade brand
  • Biodegradable, reusable cleansing towels from local brand, NOESiS
  • Reusable napkins and towels from The Chief Project
  • Reusable coffee cups from Stojo and eCoffee Cup
  • Portable food carrier and wrappers from Roll’eat
  • Eco-Friendly lunch box from Nisoro in Taiwan
  • A selection of metal straws in various sizes

29 Yee Kuk Street, Sai Kung, +852 5703 2223,; Open Monday – Thursday from 10:30AM – 6:30PM, Friday – Sunday from 10:30AM – 7:00PM. 

Images courtesy of Seed (lead) and Green Queen


  • Jenny Star Lor

    Jenny Star Lor is Green Queen’s resident eco wellness writer. She is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint, loves all things fitness and enjoys tasting her way through Hong Kong’s veggie dining options. Originally from Los Angeles, she now calls Hong Kong home. Previously, she wrote and reported for global publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and US Weekly. She is also a passionate pole dancer and teaches classes across Hong Kong.

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