Green Queen Gives Jean Louis David’s Organic 23 Hair Color A Go & Loves It

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Jean Louis David, a legendary name in the hair world since 1961 has one of its 1,200 salons right here in Hong Kong, in the heart of Central on Queen’s Road Central. The salon prides itself on being current when it comes to fashion and hair trends, reflecting their clienteles’ ever-changing tastes. With clear, bright lights and crisp crystal-white decor, the Jean Louis David Salon at Manning House is a very zen space. Even better, we get a royal welcome (step aside Kate Middleton) with big smiles, hearty handshakes and even a smooch on the hand from Italian-born Alfio Faro, the Head Stylist and mastermind behind Organic 23, the very line we are here to trial. 

Jean Louis David Salon

Over his long career, Alfio would speak to clients complaining of sensitive scalps, skin irritations and brittle hair due to the city’s poor air quality and pollution, not to mention a lifetime of exposure to products and hair color stuffed full of synthetic ingredients. This inspired him to step in and concoct a unique, all organic coloring formula. 

hair color jean louis david

New to Hong Kong, and only recently launched abroad, Organic 23 is Jean Louis David’s innovative line of organic and hypo-allergenic hair colour. Organic 23 colours are made with colour pigments free from ammonia and peroxide using all natural ingredients that are derived from, and mainly include fruits and yogurt. It is designed to care for both clients’ scalps and the environment.

Alfio is a total pro and really knows what he is doing colour-wise. After asking me a few questions about what I am looking for (I want to go dark) and examining my hair thoroughly, he starts to prepare the colour treatment for my dark mane. I watch incredulously as he blends the ingredients into a smooth, creamy, chocolate mixture before my very eyes and can’t quite believe it involves actual chocolate mixed with yogurt. I even get to taste test the yoghurt. Mind officially blown.

mixing colour jean louis david hong kong

Alfio then sections my hair and on goes the colour treatment in a generous applications to ensure even coverage. What strikes me most is how pleasant the smell is! Normally I try to hold my nose during a hair colour treatment because of the strong stench of ammonia. At Jean Louis David, It’s nothing but the rich, luxurious scent of cacao.

The colour formula changes depending on the hair colour you are going for. For blondes, the formula includes fruits like pineapples and bananas, with a touch of vanilla. For redheads fresh raspberries are used. Once the treatment has been applied Alfio styles your hair into an up-style using jewel clips and feathers. Admittedly, this is a first. An up-do while your treatment sets? Makes for some great selfies! A short wait later, and I’m off to the wash basin where I close my eyes, lie back, and unwind into the Cloud Nine massage chair.

hair dying jean jouis david hong kong

Post wash and blow-dry, my hair is left silky and shining. It feels healthier, and lighter and far softer than any other time I have gotten it coloured. Jean Louise David’s Organic 23 proves that doing things the natural way can reap beautiful results, as well as contribute to a more sustainable and less toxic world. Experience this quirky and delightful hair colour treatment for yourself, and you will never return to your chemically processed ways again. GO FRUIT!

All images courtesy of Green Queen and Jean Louis David Salon Hong Kong. 


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