Om & Away Redefines Wellness Travel With Retreat Focused Online Booking Platform

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On the small island of Lembongan, off the Indonesian paradise of Bali, Charlyn Ding experienced a euphoric yoga retreat that altered the course of her professional life. “It was a complete cleansing of the body and mind,” recalls Ding. “That joy stayed with me when I came back home and I wanted to share the feeling with others.” 

Ding realized the world needed a shift in the way people travel so she set off to find a formula that would accessibly and elegantly combine wellness and travel. Consumer demand for wellness services has grown exponentially in recent years. The need for a digital detox escape or a holistic healing retreat has become a necessary luxury in our fast-paced, over-connected world. As we predicted earlier this year, wellness tourism is fast gaining traction and is expected to surpass regular global tourism before long.


Ding’s solution was Om & Away, an online booking platform that specializes in offering wellness and holistic travel experiences all over the world. Searching for a retreat on the interwebs is not an efficient process. There are lots of results to sift through and you have no idea how to evaluate them. Each retreat you find will take you to a different site. It’s hard to make sense of it all. Which retreat is the best option? How to compare different retreats? And what if you want reviews?

Designed to aggregate a curated range of retreats based off personal experiences and meticulous research, Om & Away enables travelers to compare retreats, activities, accommodation types, prices, reviews and everything else on their easy-to-use website.  “We don’t have thousands of listings,” says Ding. “This doesn’t benefit the user, or the retreat hosts. The beautiful retreats would get lost among the many. Instead, we handpick our retreats thanks to recommendations from within our team so our customers can be assured of the quality of retreats we offer.”

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Om & Away currently offers more than 70 wellness sanctuaries on their site. You can narrow your search by destination, by date and by price. With an array of retreats in activity categories like Ayurveda, detox, fitness, healing, meditation, spa, stress management and yoga, there’s bound to be the ideal fit for your getaway needs.

From Bali to Barbados and majorly lush countries in between, there is a wide variety of authentic wellness retreats to clear your mind and reset your spirit. The company has teamed up with travel partners favored by yoga aficionados such as jungle wonderland Como Shambhala Estate in Ubud, the famed Shreyas Yoga Retreats in India, and the beautiful family run Vale de Moses Retreat in the heart of the Portuguese mountains, just to name a few.

Another noteworthy feature? The exclusive deals Om & Away has with retreat hosts, which include special prices and spa discounts. Would-be travelers also earn ‘Om Points’ when they book through the website that they can redeem on their next booking or use for other wellness related classes/activities back in their home country like Pilates, yoga, flower arranging classes, juice cleanse specials or terrarium workshops.


“Instead of jetting off on yet another holiday that you’ll need to recover from, we believe you should go away to feed your mind, your body, and your soul,” says Ding. She and her team are committed to helping every customer achieve overall wellbeing through perfectly curated travel experiences that call for total relaxation and recharging. As their slogan mantra intones: Om & Away is Your Escape to Inner Joy.

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