HK Yoga Teacher Series: Kelsea Bangora

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My go-to for yogawear is Lululemon-for me they are the best yoga pants. Share on X

How did yoga enter your life?

I started teaching yoga as a Bikram teacher in NYC in 2010. Before this, I had been practicing yoga for more than a decade in New York and was invited to attend an advanced yoga class for teachers. In this special class, I was surrounded by incredible yogis who inspired me to become a yoga teacher.

Where and what type of yoga do you teach?

I mainly teach private yoga, all over Hong Kong at peoples’ homes and for corporates. I have experience teaching many types of yoga, from Vinyasa to Yin, so I teach what people request, tailoring it their needs. Follow me on Instagram for updates to join in on pop up workshops, and charity classes.  

What yoga mat do you use every day?

My favorite yoga mat is by Jade Yoga because their mats are thin and the texture is perfect for you to feel the right grip. 

What yoga accessory do you swear by?

A yoga accessory I can’t live without is my water bottle. I’m always drinking water to keep my fluids up and my throat going with all the talking and teaching I do.

What is your favorite yogawear brand?

I love yoga clothes that move with me. Brands such as Koral, Lucy and Beyond Yoga make great clothes. I love wearing Nike Dri-FIT leggings – they mold perfectly to your body. Before I was yoga teacher, I was a ballet dancer, so I’ve always worn clothes that are easy to move in. A great place in Hong Kong for fabulous outfits is Caleum Greene.

What is your daily mantra?

My daily mantra is “Live with compassion.”

What yoga studio do you enjoy practicing at?

My favorite yoga studio in Hong Kong is the Iyengar Yoga Studio. The classes are small and the teachers are well trained and experienced. The Iyengar style is very clean and classical, and the classes are 90 minutes which allows you to go deeper into your practice.

Where do you go to eat?

My favorite place to eat with yogis would be HOME Eat To Live. I usually get the rice bowls with veggies or the teff wraps with beans and avocado.

What’s your favorite thing about Green Queen?

I love that Green Queen keeps me up to date on all things green in Hong Kong. It’s easy to overindulge here, in many aspects of life, so it’s important to have great info at your fingertips to be nudged in the right direction.

Kelsea Bangora is an international yoga teacher living in Hong Kong. She made a name for herself in the US as a New York Yoga Champion and is now spreading her passion for yoga in Asia. Kelsea teaches private yoga in Hong Kong and you can follow her on Instagram @yogibangora for daily inspiration. 

Image courtesy of Belinda Bamford Photography


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