Lonely Planet Publishes New Global Vegan Traveler Guide Book

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Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest travel guide book publishers, has just released a brand new plant-based travel guide, The Vegan Travel Handbook. The guide is packed with advice and insights on how to explore the entire world the plant-based way, showing how easy it is to be vegan everywhere and anywhere. It comes as the world is waking up to the numerous benefits of going plant-based, from an animal welfare perspective, to the environment and our own health. By inspiring more individuals to try out travelling the green way, the guidebook will no doubt help our world make the much-needed transition to plant-based. 

Lonely Planet Food has just released in stores their brand new guidebook to travelling and exploring the world on a plant-based diet: The Vegan Travel Handbook. From vegan cooking classes in India to animal welfare focused wildlife watching tours in New Zealand, the 168-page book will go through handy and practical tips on how to travel the Lonely Planet’s favourite destinations the plant-based way. In addition to providing foodies with insight into where to get the best healthy, delicious and low-carbon dishes all over the world, the handbook also offers advice on how to choose vegan-friendly, ethical and welfare-conscious tours, activities and experiences while you’re on the road. 

You can be vegan anywhere, and a growing number of people worldwide certainly are. It’s just a matter of a little extra preparation and a flexible attitude…Consider this book your primer for how to practice what you already do in your hometown, or on the global go,” Lonely Planet says. 

For those looking for places where they’ll find vegan travelling super easy, the handbook provides a list of the friendliest locations. Some of top city destinations include Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, Warsaw in Poland, Tel Aviv in Israel and Germany’s capital Berlin. Want to know specifically where to get visit the most amazing vegan food trucks? India’s Gooddo and Club Mexicana in London are among some of Lonely Planet’s many picks revealed in the guide. 

A number of wellness experiences located right here in Asia also made the guide, such as meditation in the hills of Taiwan, melting stress away in onsens in Japan and hiking up the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia

Equipped with the top recommendations on all things one can veganise on their travels, from food to fun and leisure, everyone will be able to learn something from this guidebook – whether you’re a seasoned vegan or a plant-curious reader. According to Lonely Planet, their list of destinations that you can explore with a vegan approach is so extensive that some of these locations “might surprise you”! 

For the globally renowned leader in travelling and their trusted experts to release The Vegan Travel Handbook signifies that tides are truly turning, and veganism is on an unstoppable rise. While ditching meat has been a common practice in many cultures, much of it due to animal welfare, ethical or religious reasons, we’re now seeing greater awareness about the additional benefits of going plant-based, from lessening our environmental footprint to boosting our health. This might explain the growth in vegan-friendly offerings all over the world, including travel booking platform Airbnb’s launch of Animal Experiences, which is guided by strict animal welfare policies created by global charity World Animal Protection.

With the vegan guide in hand, hope that more people – no matter what our dietary preferences are – will be encouraged to adopt a plant-based lifestyle for a kinder and more environmentally friendly future. 

The Vegan Travel Handbook by Lonely Planet Food. Available in-stores and online now.

Lead image courtesy of Lonely Planet.


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