Meet Iella Peter, Beauty App BloomMe’s Talented Founder

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Editor’s Note: BloomMe is no longer operations as of April 2020.

How did you end up Hong Kong?

I’m originally from Germany and I moved to Hong Kong around three years ago. From the first time I visited Hong Kong 11 years ago, I felt a great connection to this dynamic city and imagined myself living here. The move here was undoubtedly a big change in my life, but one that I have no regrets about. Waking up each day in this beautiful city makes me truly happy. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of a tech business, people tend to expect me to have a background in tech or at least have launched a startup before. The reality is far from that! J I actually studied Biology and Religious Studies back in Berlin. So on paper, I wasn’t the picture-perfect tech founder. The reasons behind our success and position as the market leader in Hong Kong for app beauty booking services is that I had an idea that was worthwhile, I had the right team and together we persevered, chasing our dreams to become… Click To Tweet

How did the idea for BloomMe come about?

The idea for BloomMe came from my frustration at not being able to conveniently find good quality spas and salons whilst traveling to Hong Kong. Being new in a city always leaves you clueless about where to go other than the mostly super-expensive hotel spas. I thought it would be a great idea to gather all the city’s high-quality spas and hidden beauty gems together in one app and make booking appointment with them easy, safe and convenient all at the same time. With BloomMe you have a fast and user-friendly booking process, access to user reviews of the salon as well as the ability to instantly see time-slot availabilities for treatments, their prices, not to mention the ability to book instantly. All of this plus amazing discounts of up to 35% off, which are on offer every day.

What is the BloomMe mission?

To continue to be being Hong Kong’s Number 1 beauty and wellness hub for booking spa/ salon treatments and to continue offering our users a platform to share their experience with other spa and beauty lovers. Our vision is to be as ubiquitous to beauty as Uber is to car hailing.


What are the plans for BloomMe going forward?

We want to focus on providing outstanding service by improving our app interface: we’re having a total makeover this month! The app will have amazing new features: new categories, filtering, sorting options and a cool design that will increase its usability greatly! Also we are going to expand to different cities across South East Asia.

What are some of the app features that make it stand out?

There are many! Instant bookings, no reconfirmation needed, cashless payment, the ability to leave reviews, the fact that it’s an all –in-one solution with all of the city’s spas and salons in one app, 24/7 booking availability, fresh, modern design, amazing discounts…We offer even more than what the spas& salons offer themselves. It’s every women’s beauty must-have.

What are your favorite beauty treatments do you prefer?

Being a businesswoman in this city means time is precious and hard to find, so I need to be creative to find time for myself, and relaxation is key to a healthy work/life balance relaxation. Usually I can only book quick beauty treatments like pedicures or manicures, which I find the ideal quick pampering session, a mini ‘getaway’ during which I can relax, close my eyes, let stress fade away and feel fantastic afterwards with an instant confidence boost, all in one hour!


What are some of your favorite eco-friendly/organic spas and treatments in Hong Kong?

I love Emmanuel F @ The Pemberton! They are dedicated to purely organic hairdressing and hair care. Besides that, being a blonde in Hong Kong, it was tough to find a hairdresser who could color my hair the way I wanted. With Emmanuel F, I found a team that is not only highly professional but also super nice and hospitable. They are organic and eco-friendly from head to toe, so I know I can go there for a full day of pampering or just a quick fix whichever I’m feeling up for!

What beauty trends for 2017 you can share with us?

I think we can expect a pretty bold and bright 2017 in terms of beauty. There will be lots of fun and color especially when it comes to hair next year. We will see shorter haircuts in 2017 and the rainbow/ pastel trends that took 2016 by storm will filter out, with a lot of 80’s styles will come back. For nails, short but rounded nails are making a comeback and long stiletto Kardashian nails are out!

What are some of your daily beauty routines?

I’m not as much of a beauty addict as people might expect me to be. I’m more a purist when it comes to beauty. However, being in my 30s now, I firmly believe that you need to do the basics right. Finding the right cleanser, serum, toner is key and wearing sunscreen every day is non-negotiable, even in winter. I switched from going with whichever cosmetic brand was on sale to committing to one cosmetic brand and one product line only. Aesop is my new beauty haven, especially their toner, which is the perfect way to avoid shiny skin on humid summer days in Hong Kong. I tend to skip makeup most of the time and will go for nothing more than some eye shadow, mascara and a bit of blush.

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