These May Be the Most Realistic Vegan Hard-Boiled Eggs. Here’s Where to Find Them.

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Swiss retail giant Migros has just released a new plant-based product: a vegan hard-boiled egg. Now available in select outlets across Switzerland, V-Love The Boiled tastes and bears striking resemblance to a real hard-boiled chicken’s egg with a distinct yellow yolk. 

The new egg alternative, dubbed V-Love The Boiled, is currently being sold in Migros outlets in Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, and Geneva before extending the rollout nationwide. It is sold in a pack of four for 4.40 CHF. 

V-Love The Boiled

Migros says that the product was developed in-house and manufactured in Switzerland by its subsidiary ELSA. It contains soy protein, and looks like a real hard-boiled egg that can be cut in half to reveal its distinct yellow-coloured “yolk” encased by the “egg white”. 

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers, with“ V-Love The Boiled ”, a real alternative to hard-boiled eggs,” commented Lucie Kendall, who was part of the Migros team that developed the egg at ELSA. 

It represents the brand’s first vegan egg alternative, joining its existing V-Love lineup of plant-based meat and dairy substitutes. The range boasts around 100 products in total, among them what it claims to be the world’s first vegan yogurt made from chickpeas. Around 90% of the V-Love range is vegan. 

Vegan egg market

Migros’ decision to launch a plant-based egg comes as innovation in the egg category begins to ramp up. Last year, vegan egg sales in the US represented one of the fastest-growing categories in plant-based retail, growing 168% year-on-year. 

Aside from the leading brand Eat Just, who pioneered the vegan egg with its mung bean-based JUST Egg back in 2013, more alt-egg brands are now entering the space. One recent entry is Texas-based Crafty Counter, which debuted its vegan hard-boiled egg in August this year.

The startup claims its WunderEggs is the world’s first vegan boiled egg, a statement that Migros also claimed in its press release.

Migros embraces alt-protein

Migros says that it will continue to innovate new products to cater to the growing demand for plant-based foods. “The future is taken care of: the range is constantly being expanded,” the company said about its V-Love brand in a press statement. 

The Swiss retailer isn’t just betting on plant-based, but also other alt-protein technologies. It has recently teamed up with two other major food corporations in the country, Givaudan and Bühler, to build a new cell-based meat factory

Located in Zurich, the Cultured Food Innovation Hub will house a pilot production plant, as well as R&D facilities dedicated to the creation of novel cell-based and precision fermentation protein products.

All images courtesy of Migros.


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