Moby Is Releasing A Vegan Cookbook With All Proceeds Going to Animals

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Musician and animal rights advocate Moby is set to unveil a vegan cookbook in September. The Little Pine Cookbook features 125 recipes from his former restaurant. The proceeds of the book will be donated towards helping farm animals.

An Epiphany

During his childhood, Moby had a few pets including a cat named Tucker. One day, while 19-year-old Moby was playing with 10-year-old Tucker, the musician had an epiphany, realising that the cat has a central nervous system, a highly emotional life, and an instict to avoid pain, just like humans. He connected this to all the other animals in the world, and thus began his journey with animal rights and adopting a vegan diet.

Inspired by vegan restaurant

The electronic music artist has sold over 20 million records worldwide, and in 2001, was named the world’s bestselling alternative musician.

Moby went vegan in 1987. He established his plant-based restaurant in 2015 with an aim to donate 100% of profits to animal welfare charities. The restaurant offers Mediterranean-style vegan and organic dishes like panko-crusted piccata, fennel flatbread, lemon poppyseed pancakes, and chocolate chip cookies.

Moby left the restaurant last year, but local plant-based investors are now running Little Pine and continue helping animal charities.

Named after therestaurant, Moby’s upcoming book will have 125 recipes including fried cauliflower with kimchi aioli, orecchiette with braised leeks, asparagus, and English peas, butterscotch pudding, and chocolate bread pudding.

In a post on Instagram, Moby wrote: “It is my plan to give away any and all profits that I make from the sale of the book. Working to create a world wherein animals are allowed to live their own lives, free from human interference, is my life’s work, and I could never look at veganism as a way to personally profit.”

Source: Moby’s Instagram

Passionate animals and plant-based advocate

In the past, Moby donated the profits from his Los Angeles-based music festival Circle V to the non-profit organization Mercy For Animals. In addition, the proceeds from his 2018 album, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, and his 2019 memoir, Then It Fell Apart, were donated to various animal-rights organizations.

Moby stated that he is putting aside his small, selfish concerns for animal rights that are the most important thing to him. His US$1.3 million property was put on sale in 2018 directing the sale proceeds to charities.

Working to create a world wherein animals are allowed to live their own lives, free from human interference, is my life’s work, and I could never look at veganism as a way to personally profit

Source: Moby’s Instagram

He has even sold his musical instruments, DJ equipment, and record collection including 100+ pieces of his personal collection to back the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It is a group of medical professionals advocating for plant-based living.

Moby has closely worked with celebrities and activists like Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jaden Smith, and fellow musician Tony Kanal. On his Instagram, he regularly talks about veganism to his followers.

Other animal rights and plant-based advocates that have published vegan cookbooks or are planning to include Jane Goodall’s #EATMEATLESS, Chef Peggy Chan’s Provenance, and Tabitha Brown’s Such a Blessing.

Lead image courtesy of Moby’s Instagram.


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