Pioneering Plant-Based Collaboration: More Foods Joins Forces with Osem-Nestlé Group

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Prominent Israeli plant-based food-tech company More Foods has announced a strategic partnership with Tivol, a branch of the Osem-Nestlé Group.

This inaugural alliance for Tivol with a food-tech startup signifies a commitment to developing and marketing a line of ‘meaty’ products derived from pumpkin seeds. The range of products will be high in fiber and protein, aiming to achieve great taste while using the least possible number of ingredients.

Clean-label protein

This collaboration emphasizes the shared ambition between More Foods and the Osem-Nestlé Group to reduce the environmental footprint of food production. Together, they aim to launch a range of innovative plant-based products intended for main meals using More’s seed-based vegan products.

More Foods Pulled Mediterranean cuisine in pita | Courtesy

More Foods is focused on high-quality main meal ingredients that rival traditional animal-based proteins. This strategic collaboration will enhance More Foods’ reach, allowing it to bring its plant-based products to a larger demographic. The union will focus on delivering clean-label products to consumers, aiming to offer a nutritious, ‘meaty’, and satisfying main meal option.

Already a popular choice in more than 100 Israeli restaurants, More Foods has initiated its global expansion, with products being distributed in Europe and the U.K. The partnership with the Osem-Nestlè Group will supplement More Foods’ determination to change consumers’ food perceptions and preferences, providing healthier and sustainable main meal options.

‘An important milestone’

“We are proud to partner with the Osem-Nestlè Group and combine our unique product offering with their market accessibility,” Leonardo Marcovitz, Founder of More Foods, said in a statement. “This collaboration represents an important milestone in our journey to broaden our market presence, reach a larger customer base, and further our mission to make nutritious meaty center-plate plant-based products more accessible to consumers worldwide.”

Courtesy More Foods

The partnership’s primary goal is to respond to the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and healthful food choices. It combines More Foods’ proficiency in plant-based technology with the extensive market influence of the Osem-Nestlé Group.

Osem-Nestlé has a long history as an innovator in plant-based products, particularly in the Israeli market, where 13 percent of consumers currently identify as vegetarians or vegans, and an additional 45 percent are actively reducing their meat consumption.


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