NOICE Toothpaste: Asia’s First Refillable, 100% Toxin-Free Dental Care

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Singapore startup NOICE CARE has just launched their 100% toxin-free and certified organic botanical natural toothpaste that is sustainably packaged and refillable. Born from the founders’ frustration at finding responsible toothpaste options on the market, the company’s mission is to minimise the environmental footprint of our everyday dental routines without compromising on price, safety or effectiveness. The launch comes as consumers in Asia and around the world are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact of their daily decisions, and are choosing more sustainable products across the board. 

NOICE CARE launched their kickstarter campaign earlier this month so you can pre-order their star product, the NOICE Botanical Toothpaste. Unlike conventional toothpastes on the market, their certified Cosmos Organic formula is made from only natural ingredients and is free from fluoride, artificial sweeteners, colours, triclosan, carrageenan and propylene glycol, all toxic substances linked to various health problems such as hormonal interference, abdominal pain and organ irritation.

Instead, NOICE’s version uses botanical ingredients such as eucalyptus, liquorice, anise, chamomile, peppermint and charcoal to effectively keep your gums and teeth clean without putting your overall health at risk. 


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NOICE won’t come at the expense of our planet either. While the impact of our daily toothbrushing is easily dismissed, this repetitive act accounts for a whopping 20 billion tubes of plastic discarded every single year. Estimates have suggested that this figure is set to rise even further, to a shocking 25 billion by 2024.

With a goal to minimise unnecessary waste, NOICE’s toothpaste is packaged in a reusable pump bottle made from amber glass. The bottle can be refilled using 100% compostable pods that the company will deliver to your home as needed. For those without a garden, the pods can also be disposed of in regular bins as they safely biodegradable within a few weeks. 

“When I couldn’t find a toothpaste that was both healthy and environmentally conscious, we worked with experts to reinvent it – the packaging, the formula and the distribution – to put common sense back into daily care products,” said NOICE co-founder Clement Hochart. 

The startup is hoping to improve the sustainability of their operations over time as they grow. While they currently manufacture their products in Thailand, the goal is to identify their key markets and then produce and source ingredients locally as much as possible. In addition, they are exploring options to offset the carbon footprint of the product’s shipping cost in the future. 

Packaging-Free Deodorant at the NOA 2019 – Show Source: Green Queen

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The launch of Asia’s new toxin-free natural and eco-friendly toothpaste comes at a time when consumers in the region are increasingly aware of, and looking for ethical, healthier and greener products. According to a 2018 analysis by market consultancy Oliver Wyman, the sales in health and wellness focused products experienced a 30% growth in Asia, far outpacing that of European and North American markets. A more recent report by researchers at New York University similarly found a skyrocketing in sales, this time in sustainably marketed products, and across every single consumer goods category. 

This has driven the growth of startups focusing on eco-friendly and natural offerings that we use on the daily. Kinship, for instance, is a natural toxin-free cosmetics and skincare brand based in the United States that has just launched, and is traceable ocean plastic waste packaging. Hong Kong and Shanghai menstrual care startup LUÜNA is offering women in the region toxin-free, more sustainable organic cotton sanitary products subscription services and menstrual cup.

Lead image courtesy of NOICE CARE.


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