The Perfect Organic Mattress? We Found It! Why Heveya Is The Answer To Your Dreams

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Eco-Friendly? Check. Hypoallergenic? Check. Breathable? Check. Built to Last? Check. Heveya’s Organic Latex Mattress: Everything We’re Looking For In Bedding.

The average human spends 25 years asleep so it follows that how you sleep and where you sleep are both pretty important. Yet most of us don’t give a second thought to one of the major factors that controls our sleep quality, namely, our mattress.

Heveya is in the business of helping its customers achieve the perfect night’s sleep with their award-winning organic latex mattress. “Our mattress is truly one of the best investments you can make in your overall health & wellness,” says founder Thijs Veyfeyken.

Not getting good quality sleep is linked to increased stress, irritability and mood swings, as well as decreased energy and productivity levels. A good night’s sleep ensures you start the day with a happy, focused mindset. For that to happen, you need a comfortable mattress, and that means choosing a well-constructed, organic mattress made of high quality materials.

The Organic Latex Mattress Expert

Heveya Mattresses Ensure You Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Heveya makes award-winning mattresses out of organic, pesticide-free latex from sustainable rubber tree plantations. Why latex, you may be wondering? There’s a few good reasons that the company chose this to be their signature material.

It’s Natural

Heveya organic mattresses don’t contain any synthetic materials, foams or glues (because your body should be nowhere near those nasties)

It’s Comfortable

The natural latex layers offer the ultimate in sleeping comfort: namely Firm, Medium and Soft versions so that everyone, no matter their shape, sleeping position or weight, is comfortable (because everyone is built differently).

It’s Supportive

Heveya’s organic latex mattresses offer progressive support by adding top layers to contour the body and bottom layers to support the back, so your ideal sleeping spinal alignment is achieved, plus the beds feature ergonomic adjustable slatted bases made from FSC-certified beech wood to complete the whole set-up (because your spine needs support too).

Ergonomic & Adjustable Bed Base Made From FSC Beech Wood

It’s Washable

The removable zipper-based natural mattress cover means you can actually clean it, unlike with other mattress types (because hygiene).

It’s Breathable

Organic latex foam has an open-cell structure and breathable ‘pores’ which ensures continuous airflow (because you sweat while you sleep…a LOT).

It’s Hypoallergenic

Tried & tested, and all thanks to latex’s natural properties, which also makes it resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew (because allergies).

Heveya Organic Latex Mattress With Removable Mattress Cover

Heveya is so sure that their organic mattresses are the best on the market that they offer a 100% guaranteed Free Trial. If you don’t love your mattress, they will take it back no questions asked within 100 days. “That’s happened exactly once”, says founder Thijs Veyfeyken. “We trust in our quality.”

The company offers standard mattress sizes, including options for babies & kids (one area where you don’t want to compromise on quality!) but the one key differentiator that truly puts them in a class of their own? They will create a eco-friendly mattress customised to your measurements! For us Hong Kong folks with our tiny apartments, the ability to maximise on bedroom space in your bedroom is a game changer.

While organic mattresses are the cornerstone of their brand, Heveya also makes Natural Organic Latex Pillows, which provide the ideal support for your head & neck while you’re asleep, and Heveya Bamboo Sheets made from sustainably-sourced organic bamboo lyocell, meaning they are as soft as they are breathable, not to mention eco-friendly to boot.

The perfect night’s sleep is within reach: visit their Ap Lei Chau showroom today to speak to their Sleep Consultants.

Mention Green Queen and get 2 FREE Heveya organic latex pillows (Worth HK$ 3,000) when you purchase a Queen/King mattress!

This is a Green Queen Partner Post. All images courtesy of Heveya.


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