Our October Roundup: What We’re Crushing On This Month – The Latest In Wellness

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Wow, turns out people really want to know what’s new on Hong Kong’s health & wellness scene! Last month’s edition was so incredibly popular, we are definitely making this a regular Green Queen feature! Below, our choices for October for the latest and the greatest!

Sammi & Bambi No.1 Intense Hydrating Hair Masque

One of the hardest things to find in the world of toxin-free beauty is a hair masque that works and is nasty-free! We test eco hair products constantly and mostly end up disappointed. So were thrilled when we discovered the Australian boutique haircare brand bambi & sammi’s miracle-working hair masque thanks to the awesome chicas at Naturally Better Box, who lovingly curate a selection of the most ethical and sustainable products. This stuff works! For the first time in months, our hair was silky smooth and knot-free. All bambi & sammi products, the founders of which are ex-hairdressers, are also paraben-free, sulfate-free, vegan, gluten-free and 100% safe for Mother Earth. We love it!

HKD 135 for 100ml pack. Grab yours at Naturally Better Box.

Caffeine and Kilos Coffee & Chocolate Natural Food Bar

It’s like Caffeine and Kilos can read minds. Just a few weeks ago, we were lamenting the absence of coffee in various forms on the health scene and voila! This brand of energy bars offers you an eye-opening and morning-starting 150 grams of caffeine per bar! Perfect when it’s not convenient to have a cup of Joe or for when you don’t feel like one. And this is no artificial extract: the caffeine comes from ground green coffee beans. The gluten- and dairy-free bars are yummy too- moist and small enough that you don’t feel you are overdoing it on the snack front. Not to mention that they contain prebiotics (what the probiotics in your gut need to be healthy), a whole host of antioxidants in the form of chocolate and 6 grams of protein per bar- ideal for a post-workout refuel.

HKD 200 for pack of 6 bars. Order at Caffeine & Kilos.

Rumi Maternity Yoga Wear

Rumi Yoga Wear Eco-Friendly Maternity Leggings

One of the worst things about being pregnant is how hard it is to find comfortable, chic AND eco-friendly clothing options. Mumus 24/7 will simply not do, which is why we were excited to hear about the launch of Rumi Yoga Wear’s growing bump line, with their signature funky geometric prints and responsibly-sourced materials (all leggings are made from eco-friendly recycled plastic bottles) in a handy and flattering capri length! The leggings are so comfortable- they hug you in all the right places but are not constrictive (so many leggings cut in your waist) and our pregnant tester LOVED the expandable belly panel that grows as your baby does! So go on, #pamperapregnantpal today! There’s our feel-good campaign for the month 🙂

HKD 700 for a pair of capri-length pants. Buy them or gift them from Rumi Yoga Wear.

Mekahala Fair Trade Salad Dressings

Mekhala Fair Trade Salad Dressing Range

We are seriously in love with the entire Mekhala range of dips, sauces, pastes and marinades that Profood HK has just sourced from Thailand and brought over to Hong Kong. Founded by Jang Bauerle who runs holistic health retreats in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mekhala products reflect Thai and other Asian regional flavours but made with a commitment to local sourcing (she works with her Northern Thai community of farmers and supplierS), ethical manufacturing, organic ingredients from fair trade farms and simple, healthful recipes. Surely most people would agree that there is a distinct lack of naturally-crafted, healthy Asian condiments on the average supermarket health-our hunt for sugar-free fish sauce continues…- and as such, we are so pleased to have discovered Mekhala’s quality offering.

HKD 54 for 250ml bottle. Get it at Profood HK.

Sea Buckthorn in Organic Honey

Hexapi Honey Sea Buckthorn & Organic Honey

Honestly we are fans of the entire raw, organic range of German honeys from Hexapi, a brand new artisanal honey online store stocking nectar from hand-tended beehives in pristine daisy fields, but we were seriously impressed by their sea buckthorn one. If you don’t know what sea buckthorn is yet, you are obviously not up to date on the beauty superfoods du jour…These bright orange berries and their juice pack a serious Vitamin C punch and are hailed from Mongolia to Eastern Europe as miracle-workers for any type of skin issue. One half of Green Queen swears by sea buckthorn oil for her cracked skin. A spoonful of raw honey and sea buckthorn is also an ideal home remedy for colds, sore throats, and a bad case of the flu- or just have it as an immune booster to keep your system strong!

HKD 75 for 50gm jar. Check it our at Hexapi Honey

Photo credits: Naturally Better Box, VOBventures, Hexapi Honey HK, Rumi Yoga Wear and Profood HK.


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