Pangaia Pioneers Zero-Waste Sneakers Made From Plant-Based Grape Leather & Recycled Rubber

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London-based material science company Pangaia has just launched its first zero-waste sneaker made from grape leather. The minimalist shoe features not only plant-based leather, but also 100% recycled natural materials to ensure that no new virgin resources are depleted from the planet.

Pangaia has used the 6.5 billion litres of waste from the global wine industry and turned it into a brand new sneaker. This waste – grape stalks, skins and seeds – are sourced from the Italian wine industry and repurposed into plant-based cruelty-free “leather”, and forms the new sneaker alongside the 100% recycled rubber sole crafted from industrial waste, natural cotton laces with 100% recycled plastic ends and bio-based water glue

The circular and responsibly-produced sneaker, touted to be “ultra-comfortable, lightweight, breathable”, comes in both black and white, and will now be available for limited pre-order for US$245 on Pangaia’s website. 

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It’s the latest addition to Pangaia’s growing line of sustainable athleisure. Since its inception in 2018, the brand has gained a following with high-profile celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian and tennis star Maria Sharapova. 

It’s not the first time grape leather has been used to create sustainable fashion pieces. Earlier this year, fashion giant H&M partnered with startup Vegea to use vegan leather made from wine waste in its Conscious Collection. 

Eco footwear has become a hot trend in the fashion industry in recent years, especially as consumers grow conscious of the environmental impact of their kicks. Even mainstream brands have gotten on board, with the likes of Adidas, Reebok and Nike both churning out their own plant-based, vegan-friendly and recycled designs in the past few months. 

All images courtesy of Pangaia.


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