Pangaia Launches First Sustainable Activewear Collection Made From Seaweed Fiber

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Material science company Pangaia launched a new range of sustainable activewear called the Pangaia Gym, the brand’s first foray into this lifestyle category and using the latest science and technology, the collection features products made from bio-based nylon and stretch yarns to seaweed fiber.

Before its official launch on June 29, London-based Pangaia released a first look of its new collection of activewear which is renewable, bio-based and circular.

The Pangaia Gym collection provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to the activewear industry and at the same time, goes a step beyond than the majority of sustainable brands in this sector which use recycled synthetic fibers (largely recycled PET) and conventional elastane.

Biobased Nylon and Stretch Yarn

This collection is made from renewable resources and 90% or more of the end product is biobased. It showcases a 100% biobased nylon, without the use of any fossil fuels or petrochemicals. It is instead derived from renewable castor oil, a non-edible raw material.

Another component in the clothes is Roica V550, a stretch yarn that can be easily broken down by microorganisms into toxic-free elements in an environment rich with oxygen over the course of 5 years. This material has even won a Gold Material Health Certificate from Cradle-to-Cradle Product Innovation Institute, as well as Hohenstein Environment Compatibility Certification.

Seaweed fiber

Seaweed fiber is another 100% biobased element and this biodegradable eucalyptus lyocell with embedded seaweed particles is created in a closed-loop production system. This means that the process recycles water as well as reuses atleast 99% of the solvents as the raw materials do not need any freshwater irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides to grow.

bioWick and PPRMNT oil

In addition, Pangaia becomes the first company to unveil products using bioWick, a 100% biocarbon and biobased wicking treatment developed from microalgae, and even incorporates PPRMNT, a biobased durable odor control finish and broad-spectrum antimicrobial treatment obtained from the Mentha piperita plant. 

The Pangaia Gym collection will be available to purchase via its website from June 29, 2021.

Apart from these, in keeping with its sustainability commitments, Pangaia partnered with connected products innovator Eon to unveil ‘digital passports’ for its products to encourage transparency in the fashion industry as well as promote responsible consumer behaviour. It further joined forces with cleantech solutions firm Graviky Labs to launch a capsule showcasing AIR-INK, which has been derived from a component of air pollution that is hazardous for humans and the planet.

Lead image courtesy of Pangaia.


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