ProVeg Brings Vegan Food Justice Accelerator Program to Africa

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ProVeg, the international nonprofit focused on building a sustainable food system, launched the ProVeg Africa Accelerator through its Grants program. It is a first-of-its-kind project dedicated to accelerating the plant-based movement across the region.

Set to launch in mid-2021, the main purpose of the ProVeg Africa Accelerator is to support organisations with the right tools and equip them with skills they need to achieve a food system that keeps the best interests of humans, animals and the environment in mind.

Over the course of four months, the program will include regular webinars, strategy discussions, and help develop a campaign strategy.

The Africa Accelerator will help expand the food justice movement across the continent by providing leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively advocate for the planet. They will learn about the impact industrial farming and animal-based diets can have on the environment.

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In addition, they will learn how plant-based advocacy and campaigns that stress on reducing meat in one’s diet. is the way forward for a healthier and just food system. Members will be taught how to develop these campaign strategies along with nonprofit management skills. Once the training ends, participants will have created their own campaign plan and will be ready to launch new ones.

Acknowledging that as a U.S. and Europe-based program, it cannot fully grasp the needs of those in Africa, the program has employed a participator model co-design approach to develop the Africa Accelerator. For this, ProVeg called two its most impactful grant recipients, Augustine Nii Addo from Ghana and Aurelia Adhiambo from Kenya to head the Accelerator.

Furthermore, it has curated an advisory committee of present impactful grantees from several African countries thus ensuring that the new program is effective and equitable within the region.

ProVeg Incubator joined forces with nonprofit Association of Alternative Food Producers (AAFPP) to unveil Russia’s first animal-free food tech accelerator that will see the duo help companies creating sustainable alternatives to meat-based foods. ProVeg even launched its Southeast Asia Food Innovation Challenge that will look to tap into the region’s plant-based opportunities by supporting university talent in their plant-based innovations.

Apply for the Africa Accelerator here.

Lead image courtesy of Ella Olsson/Pexels.


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