Planet for All Launches the First Dairy-Free Public Education Campaign in Hong Kong

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Planet for All, a Hong Kong-based non-profit animal protection organization, has announced the first public education campaign in the region to promote plant-based milk.

Planet for All is partnering with 30 regional restaurants and retailers on the Go Plant Milk campaign to help promote plant-based milk as a healthier and more sustainable option than conventional dairy.

Go Plant Milk movie screening

Throughout the month, an array of events and special promotions will be held to bring awareness to the cause. Go Plant Milk kicked off with a lively street event in Mong Kok and a screening of the 2021 dairy industry exposé documentary, “Milked.”

The film tackles the environmental, animal welfare, and public health issues associated with New Zealand’s dairy industry. New Zealand is the world’s largest dairy producer. The film underscores the urgent need for nations to address the damage caused by the livestock industry and offers a compelling argument for a shift toward plant-based alternatives.

Go Plant Milk campaign poster
Go Plant Milk campaign poster | Courtesy

Planet for All says the screening provided an interactive platform for families to learn about the cruelty involved in dairy farming and the potential health benefits of plant-based milk. Seventy to 100 percent of East Asian populations are lactose intolerant, further driving interest in a shift away from conventional dairy.

Throughout May, Planet For All has scheduled a range of activities including street games, giveaways, additional screenings of “Milked,” and a dairy-free cookie workshop with vegan pastry chef Casa Daisy. An online 7-day dairy-free challenge will also be hosted, where participants are supported with information and resources about nutritious dairy alternatives and plant-based cuisine.

‘A healthier, greener, and more ethical world’

“We believe Hong Kong society is paying more attention to the food production behind the scene than before,” Wendy Chan, Corporate Partnerships and Campaign Manager of the hosting organization Planet For All, said in a statement.

“We hope that through this campaign, more people will get to know the problems behind dairy production, compared to the benefits of plant-based milk. This will help to build a healthier, greener, and more ethical world,” Chan said.

dairy-free coffee drink
A dairy-free coffee drink from Years in Hong Kong | Courtesy

Participating brands and stores, including 8 Grams, Green Common, Batata Greens, A Greener Soul, LUSH, YEARS and Nutsy Coffee, are offering dining and shopping discounts throughout the month to promote a sustainable, plant-based lifestyle and raise awareness about environmental protection and animal rights.


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