Vegan Smoked ‘Revo Salmon’ Is Landing Across Austrian Supermarkets

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Vegan smoked salmon will be rolling out across Austrian supermarkets nationwide this week. Launched by homegrown startup Revo Foods, the new 100% plant-based Revo Salmon alternative will be sold at retail giant Bill Plus, the chain under Rewe Group’s management. 

Revo Foods is launching its first product in the Austrian market this week. The Vienna-based food tech’s flagship smoked salmon alternative, Revo Salmon, will be sold across Billa Plus outlets nationwide, shortly after it made headlines on Austria’s entrepreneurial competition show 2 Minuten 2 Millionen

Vegan smoked salmon

Revo Foods’ vegan smoked salmon is made from just 11 ingredients in total, including pea protein, citrus fibre, plant oils and algae extract. It contains plant-based omega 3 fatty acids, and made its first debut across partnering restaurants and cafés in Vienna earlier this year. 

Now, the product will be launching across Billa Plus, one of the biggest retailers in Austria with over 1,000 stores nationwide. It is the second-largest supermarket chain after Spar. 

Revo, which was originally founded as Legendary Vish, says it believes that Revo Salmon will be a big hit with local consumers. According to its poll, 85% of taste testers have rated its alternative as “extremely” and “very” positive. 

Expansion across Europe

With a major retail launch under its belt, Revo Foods is now eyeing international expansion. Fuelled by its €1.5 million round earlier this year, the startup expects to be able to release more products on the market, including a 100% plant-based tuna and a smoked salmon spread, in early 2022. 

By late next year, Revo says it’ll be launching vegan sushi and sashimi products too as part of its “mission to give fish lovers an ideal alternative for all their favourite products”. The startup has previously told Green Queen Media that the first global market it is eyeing is Germany.

The news comes as seafood substitutes become one of the most closely-watched categories in the alt-protein space. With consumer awareness about the litany of environmental and ethical problems plaguing the commercial fishing industry, investors are expecting major growth from alt-seafood brands. In the first half of 2021 alone, startups making seafood alternatives using plant-based, cell-based and fermentation technologies secured $116 million—more than the total recorded last year.

Other startups that are also offering vegan salmon include Sweden-based Hooked Foods’ shredded salmon, Hong Kong’s OmniFoods’ new seafood line that will soon include OmniSalmon, and French startup Algama, which is now developing algae-powered plant-based salmon. 

US-based Wildtype, on the other hand, is leveraging cellular agriculture to grow real salmon in labs. The company will soon open doors to its new pilot production plant, which is set to churn out as much as 200,000 pounds of cell-based fish a year. 

All images courtesy of Revo Foods.


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