September 2017 Green Queen Scoop: Your Global Health News Roundup


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Green Queen Scoop September 2017
A Chain That Wants To Be The McDonald`s Of Vegan Fast Food Is Preparing For A $13 Million International Takeover

Plastic Fibres Found In Tap Water Around The World, Study Reveals

Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health. Scores of tap…

Pizza Hut UK Is Launching Vegan Cheese 

With newly launched vegan Ben & Jerry’s and Baileys almond milk liquor, there’s never been a more delicious time to be shunning animal products. But come October, life for British vegans is…
`Achieving a healthy lifestyle` is Chinese consumers` top...

Parents Want Nutritious, Organic, Low Sugar Foods For Their Children

Moms prioritize nutritional value – followed by taste and familiar ingredients at a low price – in the foods they buy for their children. They are more likely to buy organic products for…

David Beckham Kicks Off AIA Partnership With Asia Healthy Living Tour

AIA has announced the formal launch of its partnership with David Beckham through a major new campaign ‘What’s Your Why?’ in the Asia-Pacific region. As part of the launch, David Beckham…

Kitchen Gadgets Review: Slissie – A Way To Eat Flavoured Air To Lose Weight (Finally)

This plastic pipe – a vape for food, essentially – is supposed to stop you snacking, but doesn’t; it just makes you look like a monkey eating a lipstick…
Impossible Foods Closes a $75 Million Investment After Achieving...

For One Silicon Valley Startup, This Vegetable Is The Future Of Milk

In recent years, alternative sources of milk have begun to disrupt the dairy industry, from soy to almond to rice. The latest contender for space in your refrigerator is milk made from…

Veganism Has Grown 500% Since 2014 In The US

Veganism is growing rapidly around and the world, and now we know that six percent of Americans identify as vegan – up from only one percent in 2014 according to a highly regarded industry…

The Simple Way New Wellness App ALOE Is Revolutionizing Self-Care

By the end of her tenure as a digital strategist for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Amber Discko felt drained. The 27-year-old explains that her struggles with anxiety and…
If there ever were a time for vegan vending machines, it is now

This Salad-Making Machine Will Make You The Perfect Salad In 60 Seconds

If you want a salad from the market at the Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto, a restaurant, and market run by the ex-Google chef Charlie Ayers, you can pick a pre-packaged salad from a case or…
Millennials Are Investing With a Purpose, And It`s Changing Wealth Management

To Promote Electric Cars, China Considers Move To Ban Gas Guzzlers

China is mulling a ban on cars that run on fossil fuels, Xinhua news agency reported on Monday. In a move to both clean up its notoriously bad air in Beijing and Shanghai, and promote the…

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