The 10 Best Sustainability Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

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We scoured the airwaves to find the best podcasts out there about environmental issues, all with their own voice and format, some inspiring, some informative, some funny, all important and worthwhile.

Are you a podcast fan yet? Or maybe you’re exploring this format for your daily commute but you are not sure where to start? Given that sustainability is now taking center stage in media headlines (and rightfully so), it’s no surprises that some awesome audio shows have popped up to discuss the most important topic du jour. Below, our pick of the top sustainability podcasts to check out. Happy listening.

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1. Sustainababble

Feeling a little confused and overwhelmed by all the alarmist climate news all over the interwebs? So are the hosts of Sustainababble, who choose a lighter approach and combine “comedy, nature and climate change” every Sunday to make things fun and purposeful.

Tune in here, new episodes weekly.

2. Mission First – Entrepreneurs For Future

This podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs with a mission to save the world (shouldn’t we all have this mission? 😉 ). Get inspired by founders’ stories and get advice to start your own eco-business.

Tune in here, two episodes per week.

3. Green Dreamer

Listen to over 200 long form conversations with Kamea Chayne and her guests, all of whom are paving the way towards ecological regeneration, intersectional sustainability, and true abundance and wellness for all.

Tune in here, two episodes a week.

4. Sustainable Asia

Made in Hong Kong by Marcy Trent Long and her team, this NGO-to-be has 2 shows: Trash Talk HK with trash tips and tricks; and the Sustainable Asia Podcast with in-depth conversations about critical environmental issues facing China and Asia.

Tune in here, a few episodes per year.

5. Hey Change (Bi-Weekly)

With a tagline that reads ‘Finding Happiness in New Realities’, this podcast aims to be as uplifting as possible and find the positive stories out there- the show features climate activists and entrepreneurs who bring solutions, helping to combat the growing feelings of eco-anxiety we all suffer from.

Tune in here, episodes release twice a week.

6. Practical(ly) Zero Waste (Weekly)

Looking for clear and convenient steps to start your low waste lifestyle? This is the show for you. The podcast is all about making zero waste living as practical as possible. Each episode discusses straightforward practical changes we can make that add up to create a big difference environmentally. Wish I knew about this amazing podcast when I tried to fit my waste in a tiny jar!

Tune in here, episodes released weekly.

7.The Sustainability Agenda

Looking for a bigger picture and scope of the future of sustainability? This is your go-to podcast.  Leading sustainability thinkers offer their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest concepts and ideas in the field, identify what’s working –and crucially, what needs to change.

Tune in here, episodes released weekly.

8. A Sustainable Mind

A podcast that started off as Marjorie Alexander’s master thesis project includes everyone behind the world’s most impactful campaigns and projects. The show host’s mission is to be as accessible as possible: “Anyone, from a middle school student to a retiree, and everyone that is not necessarily educated on the topics at hand should be able to listen with ease” according to Alexander. 

Tune in here, one episode a quarter.

9. Edie | Sustainable Business Covered

Want more stories and keen to explore the business opportunities of the sustainable industry? The show helps you learn about different commercial sectors and how they achieve their sustainability goals through their work. A purpose-driven business media, Edie produces an astonishing six podcasts episodes per day.

Tune in here, six episodes released daily (not a typo).

10. Sustainable World Radio

This is an ideal match for anyone looking to grow their own food. Think permaculture, urban farming, soil and plants tips for all you budding green finders out there. We need more city farmers and more locally grown food so this is gem of a listen.

Tune in here, six episodes released monthly.

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  • Flor De Luna

    Having previously reported on climate change and environmental issues for the media outlets in South America, Flor De Luna decided to make a bigger change when she moved to Hong Kong. Combining her storytelling and leadership skills, Flor has co-founded two startups focused on zero waste lifestyle and mindfulness, organized a number of events – from small meetups to big-scale conferences, including StartmeupHK Festival with Invest HK and multiple sustainability-themed Startup Weekends with Techstars.

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