The Dawn Thailand Debuts Asia’s First ‘Professional Burnout’ Retreat

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The Dawn, a Thailand-based rehabilitation and wellness centre, has pioneered Asia’s first therapeutic retreat catered towards executives experiencing burnout. Located in the depths of Chiang Mai’s countryside, The Dawn’s “Professional Burnout Program” is specifically designed to help overworked executives cope with stressors from the workplace. 

Burnout has become a global issue. In a recent statement, the World Health Organisation (WHO) listed burn-out as an “occupational phenomenon” resulting from workplace stress, and can lead to feelings of exhaustion, mental distance and reduced professional efficacy. 

The problem of burnout is particularly prevalent in Asia, where overtime culture and lack of work-life boundaries is common. Long working hours and gruelling schedules are a norm across different professions and industries in Asian cities. The “966” work culture in China has taken a toll. According to a 2018 government survey on mental health, there has been a sharp surge in the number of Chinese tech employees reporting feelings of fatigue, depression and insomnia due to workplace burnout. In Japan, “karoshi” – death from overwork – has been an ongoing issue for years. 

The launch of The Dawn’s “Professional Burnout Programme” that exclusively targets burnout recovery indicates that the tide is turning. Participants of the intensive two-week program undergo psychological evaluation before receiving individual and group therapy, trauma release sessions and transcranial magnetic stimulation. During their stay at the Chiang Mai centre, burnt out executives can also engage in other wellbeing-oriented activities such as meditation, yoga and personal training. 

In the midst of Asia’s hustle and bustle work culture, there is growing awareness about the health-related impact of burnout and the need to counter it. As numerous studies and clinical research have demonstrated the serious mental and physical impact of burnout, the sentiment in Asia is shifting from economic growth to personal health and wellbeing

The launch of Asia’s first therapeutic retreat program catered for executives is one of the more comprehensive solutions available. While the cost of the programme, at $6000 USD, is comparable to a luxury holiday, it delves deeper into the root causes of burnout, address mental and physical health issues, and gives participants the tools to cope in the long-term. 

Images courtesy of The Dawn.


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