The Ecoegg Laundry Egg: No Harsh Chemicals, Reduced Packaging Waste & Huge Savings

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If I had to pick a favorite chore, laundry would be it. Nothing can hamper (!) the sheer pleasure I take in sorting through the colors, tossing a load of clothes in the washing machine, and folding newly washed shirts and shorts. It’s like brand new clothes all over again!  That is, until you start noticing that the detergent is irritating your skin and making it so itchy or when the fragrance of your wash is so strong, it causes headaches and stuffy noses! Oy! 

Not all laundry detergents are created equal. Conventional laundry detergents can be loaded with all kinds of nasties – enzymes, bleach, perfumes, solvents, surfactants – ingredients that can aggravate, cause burning or redness and shouldn’t be worn against our skin. Supermarket detergents are often a household trigger of eczema. For those with sensitive skin (especially our babies), we’ve got some great news for you. One of UK’s best natural alternative to harsh laundry chemicals, the Laundry Egg by Ecoegg, has touched down in Hong Kong set to be a game changer in households all across the city.

The 411 on The Laundry Egg

Designed to replace conventional washing detergent completely, the award-winning eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, cost-effective detergent is natural and soap-free. Housed in a durable container the size of an ostrich egg are two types of pellets; the secret to the Laundry Egg’s cleaning power. The mafic tourmaline ceramic pellets help weaken the bond between dirt and fabric while the pearly mineral pellets then naturally ionize the oxygen molecules in the water, which will penetrate deep into the fabric, lifting away dirt and grime without fading colors or damaging fibers. These alabaster pellets also increase the pH level of the water and naturally soften your laundry, so no additional fabric softener or conditioners is needed. Dermatologically-tested and endorsed by the National Eczema Society and Allergy UK, the Laundry Egg works great for those with sensitive skin and babies while leaving clothes clean and fresh without any harsh chemicals.

How It Works

There’s no need to measure or create a mess with powders or liquids – simply load the washer, toss the Laundry Egg inside the drum of the washing machine and start the cycle as usual. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, the slits around the oval allow water to flow in and out, circulating freely throughout the wash. The white pellets will dissolve over time, depending on the amount of washes you purchase – either 54, 210, or 720 washes (based on four to five loads per week) – and will need to be refilled when they reach half their size. Perfectly safe to use with all makes and models of washing machines, be sure to remove the Laundry Egg after you’ve finished the wash to keep the shelf life of the pellets. Setting the standard for safe self-care, it’s also unbelievable how inexpensive the products works out to be – for example, a 54-load wash will last about three months, while the 720-load wash will last about three years – averaging about 0.60 HKD per wash! The Ecoegg’s Laundry Egg is a triple threat – kind to the environment, your wallet, and most importantly, your skin and that of your family.

It’s Super Eco-Friendly

Another reason we love the Ecoegg? It’s the most eco-friendly choice: it reduces SO MUCH WASTE – you are saving so much packaging as you no longer have to buy paper cartons, plastic bottles, etc and it reduces SO MUCH WATER- detergents and softeners require a lot of water to produce (not to mention all those harsh chemicals the products contain no longer enter our oceans or waterays). If you are looking to reduce your environmental impact and lead a more #zerowaste life, this is an ideal solution.

Available at all three branches of SpiceBox Organics, Organic Oasis, Nature’s Blessing, pick one up in- store or shop online at Ecoegg Hong Kong here

All images courtesy of Ecoegg.


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