Top Environmental Books To Read To Your Kids, Because Climate Change

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You might have heard about “The Greta Effect” that is causing a surge of popularity in environmental children’s books. It’s time to hop on the latest trend that will cultivate climate awareness in our next generation of world leaders. Running out of ideas on what to get your niece? Want to empower young people and inspire the next eco-warrior? We have you covered – here is our compilation of new green books for kids, with topics ranging from plastic waste to deforestation.

The Tale Of A Toothbrush

Source: Walker Books

The Tale Of A Toothbrush: A Story of Plastic in Our Oceans by M.G. Leonard is a non-fiction picture book that follows the journey of a plastic toothbrush and what happens to it when it gets thrown away. It leaves young readers pondering about the impact of their daily choices – including the footprint that throwing a plastic toothbrush leaves on our environment.

Evie And The Animals

Source: Matt Haig

Matt Haig’s new children’s book, Evie And The Animals, is an illustrated fiction story about a young, determined, superpower-clad girl who aspires to save the world and all the animals that inhabit it. The inspiring story is bound to resonate with youths who seek to ignite change around them.

The Green Dragon

Source: Suzanne Younan

On a mission to educate the youth about the environment, Hong Kong resident Suzanne Younan penned The Green Dragon, a children’s book that follows the journey of Willy the Green Dragon and his friends who are in need of help due to the perils of plastic waste. Fond of dragon-boating, the author has also founded an organisation called Green Dragons HK made up of teams working to reduce plastic at race events. This story will encourage kids to learn about how plastics have harmed Hong Kong’s seas and oceans across the world, and is a festive addition to their reading list for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Read our in-depth coverage of the book here.

There’s A Rang-Tan In My Bedroom

Source: Little Black Book Online

This is the picture book version of Mother London’s viral video ad campaign for Greenpeace UK that was narrated by Emma Thompson. The written adaptation by James Sellick, There’s A Rang-Tan In My Bedroom, follows the story of an orangutan who loses his home and family due to deforestation caused by palm oil plantations. The book offers actions that children can take to prevent further damage done to orangutans, such as writing letters to palm oil companies. Sellick hopes that his book does not only educate, but “inspire[s] a new wave of eco warriors. Kids are the future.” 

Kids Fight Plastic

Source: Walker Books

Kids Fight Plastic is written by Martin Dorey, an anti-plastics campaigner and founder of the Beach Clean Network. It gives children some practical tips on changes they can make in their daily habits, at home and at school, to reduce plastic waste and become a “2 minute superhero”.

Where The River Runs Gold

Source: Goodreads

Where The River Runs Gold by Sita Brahmachari is a fiction adventure story set in a world where bees have disappeared and children are forced to labour on farms to pollinate crops. The dystopian novel still brings a message of hope about a fairer and greener future. 

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