5 Delicious Vegan Asian Sausage Recipes From Lap Cheong To Cha Lua Chay

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Vegan sausages are just as juicy as traditional sausages, easy to make, and the biggest bonus: so much healthier. These Asian sausage recipes don’t disappoint.

Asia is a magical place for vegan food lovers. We have such a richness of variety and range when it comes to delicious vegan dishes. From colourful tangy pickles to delightful pancakes to noodle and rice dishes to dream about, there is much to celebrate across the many Asian cuisines. However, we’re not yet world-famous for our vegan sausages, and we should do. Almost every major Asian cuisine has a sausage worth tasting but finding vegan versions of the traditional recipes is no easy task!

The World Health Organization (WHO) marked processed meats including sausages as carcinogenic, meaning there is sufficient evidence to suggest excess consumption causes cancer in humans, so vegan versions are your best bet. Not to mention better for the planet and for the animals! We managed to suss out these 5 Asian vegan sausage recipes from Lap Chong to Cha Lua Chay and we think you will love them. Happy cooking!

Source: Messy Vegan Cook

1. Naem Het Fermented Mushroom Sausages (Thailand)

This Thai mushroom sausage recipe is prepared from sticky rice, fermented fungi and fresh garlic clove. Apart from salt, you can also add your own spices to make it more flavourful. It is one of the simplest vegan sausage recipes to make, so no excuses- try it now.

Recipe: Messy Vegan Cook

Source: One Green Planet

2. Longganisa Breakfast Sausages (Philippines)

Made from tofu, coconut vinegar and porcini mushrooms, this filipino vegan sausage recipe has a crispy outer surface and paprika flavor on the inside. Make this relishing breakfast dish all by yourself and it will surely start off your day right!

Recipe: One Green Planet 

Source: Smart Vegan Recipes

3. Vegan Lap Cheong Sausage (China)

At first, you won’t believe that Lap Cheong Sausage is a 100% vegan recipe. It is meaty by looks and taste, but is made from only healthy, plant-based ingredients. It is also known as ‘beet’ lap cheong as it contains beet root powder. On the condiment side, we recommend the classic soy sauce is as a dipping partner for this delicious vegan sausage.

Recipe: Smart Vegan Recipes

Source: Hope and Butterflies

4. Taiwanese Vegan Sausage (Taiwan)

Taiwanese plant-based sausages are so popular that you can even buy them from the supermarkets in China and Taiwan but if you want completely healthy, organic sausages free from harmful ingredients (like nitrates), then you should try making this delicious vegan sausage at your home. Also, don’t forget to savour these with your favourite vegan noodles.

Recipe: Hope and Butterflies   

Source: Boriville

5. Vegetarian Cha Lua Chay (Vietnam)

This veggie version of the Vietnamese ham dish, Cha Lua Chay, is made from frozen bean curd sheets, leeks and mushroom powder. These are wrapped in banana leaves and can be enjoyed with rice or peanut sauce. If stored in the fridge, these scrumptious sausages can stay edible up-to one and a half months.  

Recipe: Daily Rice Bowl

Lead image courtesy of Messy Vegan Cook


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