Meet Vegan Delights, Sweden’s 100% Plant-Based Willy Wonka Factory

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There’s now a chocolate factory inspired by Willy Wonka and it’s 100% vegan. Started in a small kitchen in Uppsala, Sweden, Vegan Delights has just opened up its factory doors to welcome visitors into the dreamworld of plant-based chocolate treats. 

Vegan Delights has made every herbivore’s childhood dreams come true. Located in Sweden, the new chocolate factory has been inspired by Willy Wonka and everything inside the factory is 100% vegan. It’s opened by Anahita Vazvan, who first began creating plant-based chocolate treats back in 2016 and has now turned her concept into a full-blown shop and chocolate factory this year. 

Vegan Delights Factory

Sharing more about her journey to start Vegan Delights, Vazvan said the idea came during her university years, when she “couldn’t escape the feeling that something was missing”. 

“Growing up, I was the creative kid. I used to paint, make jewellery, bake and do all kinds of messy things, giving my mother a headache. As I grew older, I gave up my hobbies to excel academically,” she explained. “Nevertheless, there was something pushing me to pick them up again.”

“​When I was 20 years old, most of the younger generation in my family had transitioned to a plant-based diet and I felt like we were missing out on seriously delicious vegan treats. So I started experimenting in the kitchen and suddenly the first Vegan Delights chocolates were born.”

Since she founded Vegan Delights in 2016 in her small kitchen in Uppsala, Vazvan has gained a fan following and decided to open up a factory so visitors could get to know the whole team behind the colourful and fun-looking vegan chocolates. It’s also designed to be a space to attract non-vegans and those curious about plant-based eating, showing them that veganism doesn’t mean missing out on delicious treats. 

Ethical and sustainable vegan chocolate

Vegan Delights says ethical and responsible sourcing is at its core. It sources its cocoa directly from farmers, using local and organic ingredients as much as possible, and says its dairy-free chocolates slash around 70% of the GHG emissions compared to its conventional counterparts.

“They’re made with love for all species and this planet,” says the company. “And the best part is that our chocolates taste like everything you’ve ever wished for—vegan or non-vegan.”

The line-up ranges from “goodie bites” coming in flavors like Raspberry Marzipan, Lemon Curd and Chocolate Almond Cream, to chocolate-coated Marzipan bars and salty liquorice treats.  

For those who aren’t able to visit the chocolate factory, Vegan Delights ships worldwide via its direct-to-consumer website. 

Vegan chocolate market 

Already set to become a $535 million market by the end of this year, the plant-based chocolate industry is expected to grow 14.8% year-on-year to top $1.4 billion by 2028. The trend is driven by the mainstreaming of plant-based eating and flexitarianism, with many consumers paying far more attention to issues of sustainability, health and animal welfare.

In response, more brands are now launching vegan chocolates, the latest being chocolate giant Lindt, which is releasing two new oat milk bars in time for Veganuary, the campaign challenging people to go plant-based for one month. Other mainstream chocolate brands that have launched plant-based versions include Cadbury, KitKat and Valrhona

All images courtesy of Vegan Delights.


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