Vegan ‘Real World’? UK Plant-Based Brand Invites Influencers To Go Plant-Based For 21 Days On Record In ‘Posh Mansion’

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Ready-to-eat plant-based brand Squeaky Bean has set up a first-of-its-kind ‘foodie influencer hub’ – Squeaky House to give five content creators the opportunity to be invited for a 21-day stay to encourage plant-based eating and lifestyle among the British audience by engaging the participants in various plant-based activities and living.

British-based “lunchtime sidekick” brand Squeaky Bean has jumped onto the latest social media trend whereby content creators are invited into mansions to work on social media projects displaying their aspirational lifestyles.

Set to begin in September, the ‘Squeaky House’ will be hosted at a posh U.K. residence where food influencers will come together to produce content and be a part of activities where they show the world how easy it is to be on a plant-based diet.

With some residents already on a vegan diet and that are ditching meat for the first time challenged by Squeaky Bean to go plant-based for the entire duration of their stay which is 21 days. The residents will follow a plant-based diet, participate in activities like cooking with local ingredients, learn new culinary skills and collaborate with food producers, chefs and other industry professionals.

In a press release seen by Green Queen, co-creator of Squeaky Bean, Sarah Augustine said: “By opening our search for Squeaky House members to the nation, we’re offering five people the chance to experience the opportunity of a lifetime. They’ll have 21 days to enjoy plant-based foodie fun, create meaningful and memorable content, and challenge some of the misconceptions around plant-based food. We can’t wait to see what the house comes up with!”

Squeaky House Pool(above) and Pizza Oven(below). Source: Squeaky Bean

Participants will have 21 days to enjoy plant-based foodie fun, create meaningful and memorable content, and challenge some of the misconceptions around plant-based food

Sarah Augustine, co-creator of Squeaky Bean

In addition, the residents will be paid for their time and will have access to an indoor infinity pool, gym, sauna and steam room, swimming pond (complete with underground changing room) and can even pick out fresh fruits and vegetables from the site’s organic garden to make plant-based recipes and will receive plant-based goodies from partner brands.

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Team Brooks founder and TikTok foodie adventurer James Brooks, who worked with Squeaky Bean to develop the house, said that content creator hubs are a growing trend, and by setting up the House, they’re giving it a plant-based twist. “We’ll be able to capture some of the excitement around vegan food and offer each of our housemates an experience they’ll never forget. It’s the most exciting creator house concept anywhere in the world.”

Those who are interested in the challenge have to share a video of themselves explaining why they should be a part of the House, what they love about this concept and why they want to try plant-based meals. The video needs to be tagged using Squeaky Bean’s Instagram handle and the hashtag #squeakyhousemate. The brand will select people from a diverse pool of creators and the search will end on June 30, 2021 at midnight.

Squeaky Bean was recently named Plant-Based Food Manufacturer of the Year by the magazine Food Manufacture for its plant-based chicken pieces, tortilla and sandwich slices, vegan pastrami, crispy “duck” and reheatable meals like katsu curry. In addition, the vegan brand opened a 100% plant-based factory in Bicester that will help scale its production of plant-based offerings.

According to a survey, since the pandemic, a quarter of Brits have reduced their consumption of animal-based foods like meat, egg and dairy over the last 12 months.

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Lead image courtesy of Squeaky Bean.


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