These New Sneakers Made From Ocean Plastic Are 100% Vegan—Even the Glue.

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ME.LAND, a young footwear label recently unveiled Vivace, a new vegan, and recycled sneaker, that is made using plastic waste collected by the SEAQUAL initiative, a community that is working to help clean our oceans.

France-based ME.LAND was founded in 2018 in an effort to provide consumers responsible sneakers and recently it unveiled its new sneakers with the help of the SEAQUAL initiative, due to which each pair is equivalent to 12 recycled bottles collected from the oceans.

ME.LAND, which stands for singularity, and offers a universe created and supported by artists, designed its latest 100% vegan and PETA-approved collection in Montmartre, Paris. It is being developed by Portuguese craftsmen.

Some of the sneakers’ recycled components include breathable leather, a removable shape memory insole, rubber soles, and SEAQUAL nylon canvas. In addition, it has bio cotton laces and is glued with 100% vegan latex.

The brand exceeded it fundraising targets and is now taking pre-orders.

ME.LAND claims to pay a fair price to their artisans and sources materials nearest to the factory to reduce its carbon footprint.

The launch follows the trend in eco footwear. New york-based Thousand Fell unveiled the world’s first completely recyclable shoe, which is developed from biodegradable, recycled waste, and plant-based materials. The company even offers to take used sneakers, and donate them to underprivileged individuals.

Recently, Swiss clothing behemoth H&M joined forces with Good News to unveil sustainable sneakers made from plant-based materials such as banana and grapes. In Finland, where most coffee per capita is consumed compared to anywhere else in the world, Vietnamese duo Jesse Tran and Son Chu started Rens Original that takes discarded coffee beans and upcycles them into plant-friendly sneakers.

To support the project, you can pre-order the Vivace sneakers here.

Lead image courtesy of ME.LAND.


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