Wanderess Beauty x Green Queen Video Interview Series: Founder Sonalie Figueiras Tells Her Story

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Jessica Kiely is the Chief Wanderess and founder of Wanderess Beauty, a natural & eco beauty platform based in Bondi, Sydney devoted to showcasing the best clean beauty brands from all over. Kiely founded the company after living through a traumatic personal experience and discovering the art of body scrubbing, realizing that beauty is an act of self-love. As well as offering the Discovery Box, a step-by-step subscription journey that makes your switch to green beauty enjoyable and convenient: every month a box containing 100% natural, non-toxic and ethical, beauty, grooming and wellness products is delivered to your door, Wanderess Beauty shares inspiring stories from Wanderesses around the globe. When Jessica met Sonalie Figueiras, Hong Kong’s Green Queen, some pretty powerful eco sparks flew in the air! Below we share all the episodes in this incredibly inspiring series.

Part 1: Green Queen – A Lifestyle That Became A Career

Part 2: From Chronic Illness To Holistic Healing  

Part 3: The Early Days Of The Hong Kong Wellness Movement

Part 4 – Green Queen & How Wellness Goes Beyond Health

Part 5: The Hong Kong Style Of Health & Wellness

Part 6: Green Queen – The Power Of A Story In Helping Others

Part 7: What Is Beauty?

Part 8: How To Make A Difference With Your Dollar

Part 9: How Women Are Leading The Wellness Movement Globally 


All the above videos were filmed on location in Hong Kong by Jessica Kiely, founder of Wanderess Beauty. Lead photo courtesy of Wanderess Beauty’s Instagram page


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