We Tested These New Bamboo Sheets & Pillows And Had Our Best Sleep In Months

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Heveya is on a mission to make genuinely sleep as good (and as sustainable) as possible for everyone. The company, based out of Singapore and Hong Kong, offers customers something truly special: comfortable, high-quality and eco-friendly bedding, pillows and mattresses designed and personalised to optimise sleep for each individuals’ needs. So when they asked me to take their organic latex pillows and bamboo lyocell sheets for a test spin, I was only to happy to comply.

What’s more important than good sleep?

Lately I’ve been working at home a LOT. That means all day I sit on a chair that’s beautifully designed but frankly ergonomically terrible, which means I’ve been waking up with persistent neck pain. Heveya’s offer to review their bamboo pillows and sheets could not have come at a better time.

Not to mention that with all the extra time I’ve been spending at home, I’ve been wanting to do a bed upgrade for a while. I’m a no-waster so I’ve been using the same pillow for the past nine years. It’s a pillow I won in a company Christmas raffle and it’s by Tempurpedic, which for many people is THE name in ergonomic pillows and mattresses. But the pillow has become old, worn and soft. Also it’s been stressing me out that it’s made of synthetic material (polyester to be exact): what toxic fumes am I breathing in during the night?

Is my pillow breathing right?

Pillows are crucial to make you feel energised and rested after a night’s sleep. If you’re feeling groggy or achy in the morning, or even worse, you may be suffering from neck and back pain, chances are your current pillow isn’t providing the support you need.

This is where Heveya’s GOLS-certified Heveya organic latex pillows are a worthy investment. Made of 100% natural organic latex, which is harvested from plantations using zero pesticides or fertilisers, these pillows offer contoured support to each individuals’ natural head and neck shape.

While latex is similar to memory foam in terms of contouring, it’s superior for ensuring proper neck alignment because of its bouncy structure, as well as being toxin-free, glue-free and off-gassing free. The hypoallergenic qualities of organic latex – naturally resistant to dust mites and mould – means that they are a more suitable choice for everyone, including those who are particularly prone to allergies.

I used to consider myself lucky because I have never had allergies. Until I grew a baby human in my belly. Suddenly I was sneezing every night and every morning, sometimes up to 20 times. I am now far more sensitive and need to be extra careful about the environment in which I sleep – cue essential oil diffuser and air purifier daily combo (note: not at same time). But to be frank, what you sleep on is obviously key.

I am genuinely sleeping more deeply and waking up with less pain.

Green Queen Sonalie Figueiras on Heveya pillows

Natural raw materials offer breathability. Instead of retaining heat, organic latex has an open cell structure and pincore holes, which enables airflow and regulates temperature – an important factor to consider if you want to achieve uninterrupted sleep.

Each pillow itself comes in a removable bamboo cover made from natural eco-friendly bamboo, which can be washed to ensure both hygiene and comfort.

Am I sleeping on the right pillow?

Recognising that everybody has their own sleeping preferences, Heveya organic latex pillows also come in varied sizes, firmness options and shapes – truly every individual is covered. Heveya’s team asked me a few questions about how I sleep (position for example) and then advised me on the firmness I required. For the past week, my sleep has been excellent. I am genuinely sleeping more deeply and waking up with less pain (still need to sort out my work chair).

What about my sheets though?

Of course, great pillows should be complemented with great sheets. Heveya’s range of Heveya bamboo bed sheets are the ultimate choice when comes to ticking the boxes for sustainability, comfort and quality.

Made with organic bamboo lyocell, which is a material derived from grass, these sheets score high points on the comfort scale. They are luxuriously soft, mimicking the smooth and feathery qualities of silk without the shine (or the high-maintenance care that silk requires!), and the fibres are comparable to the prized 1,000 cotton thread-count, but at a fraction of the price.

It’s also super comfortable because of its cooling properties – the fabric naturally wicks away any moisture, and is so breathable that any perspiration evaporates into the air. I sometimes get sweaty during the night but with the Heveya sheets, that hasn’t been a problem.

Aside from comfort, bamboo lyocell is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Its breathability means that any sweat or odours (and the bacteria it contains) won’t linger on the sheets, making them pretty perfect for the hot and humid nights that we are used to in Hong Kong. In fact, these bamboo fibres have been Oekotex Class 1-certified, making them suitable even for infants.

The truth about bamboo

On the sustainability front, Heveya bamboo bed sheets come out as the superior choice yet again. Unlike cotton, bamboo is a self-sustainable crop that doesn’t require any insecticides, pesticides or fertilisers to flourish. It’s also a climate-resistant crop, as it needs far less water – only around a third of what’s needed to grow cotton (Remember: cotton is one of the most water-intensive crops around and uses more pesticides than any other crop on earth). And while bamboo grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while producing oxygen so it’s a net win for the climate crisis we’re currently facing.

Beyond the crop itself, the process of manufacturing the bamboo lyocell material uses absolutely no toxic chemicals, and reuses and recaptures 99% of the bamboo pulp to minimise as much waste as possible. FYI, this is not true of all bamboo on the market. Another thing to look for: is the bamboo coming from sustainably-managed crops? Bamboo is today at risk of becoming the new palm oil. Demand for bamboo is increasing fast, so in some areas, growers are destroying rainforests to make room for bamboo plantations. Ugh.

Heveya’s manufacturers are WRAP-certified and they only source from FSC-certified plantations to ensure both environmental and ethical responsibility. Phew.

Honestly, along with the food you eat, quality sleep is essential for good health and wellbeing. So having the right gear is a must. I’m voting for Okoooko.

Heveya organic latex pillows and Heveya bamboo bed sheets are available online via Heveya’s website.

Exclusive Offer: Buy 2 Heveya pillows and get 2 bamboo pillowcases 100% FREE when you use promo code STAYCOMFY at checkout (just make sure to add the pillowcases to the cart)

All images courtesy of Heveya.

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