Pay-As-You-Go Wellness App Switch & Co Launches In Hong Kong With 1,000+ Activities

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New mobile app Switch & Co offers users on-demand booking for wellbeing and fitness activities is launching today in Hong Kong. With over 1,000 activities available on the platform, the company hopes to target the city’s wellness enthusiasts. The launch of the wellness app comes at a time when health and wellbeing oriented products and services are becoming increasingly popular with millenial and Gen Z consumers globally.

Founded in Dubai in 2017, Switch & Co is an on-demand booking platform that seeks to make it easy for users to join health, fitness and leisure activities around town. It has curated over 1,000 activities in the industry with three distinct categories: “Workout”, “Experience” and “Relax”. Some of these activities available include massages, pilates classes, TRX workouts and meditation.

Unlike other apps that push users into monthly payments, the Switch & Co app operates under a pay-as-you-go basis without the need for long-term contracts or subscription fees, making it easy for people to trial classes and opt for the best deals available. It also offers users an opportunity to review, post videos and photos, to show other customers what they can expect before they book. 

While Switch & Co shares some similar with other industry players, notably global behemoth ClassPass, the company is focused on curation and discovery rather than aggregation, with a mission to have users find a range of vetted wellbeing activities (the team personally tries every activity provider on the site). The app is fairly budget-friendly, with options starting at HK$ 90. Another major difference: Switch & Co is heavily focused on the corporate wellness market, and a product offering tailored on larger group needs.

Asked what makes the app different from other players, Switch & CO CEO and co-founder Gary Blowers told Green Queen: “We created the Switch & Co app because we want people to enjoy the benefits of having one simple platform to discover, book and pay for activities without the high barrier to entry of monthly subscriptions. The app offers users total flexibility, whether you want to pay for one class or ten. Whether you want to do something alone or bring a friend. Whether you want to book in advance or last minute.”

Hong Kong has indeed shown steady growth in demand for health and fitness products and services in recent years. Sales of this industry have increased every year as Asian consumers in general have become more health-conscious. According to a 2018 report by Oliver Wyman, the region has seen a 30% increase in sales in the health and wellness businesses between 2007 to 2017. The fitness industry in particular, has reached its highest ever value of USD$16.8 billion in the region in 2018, according to Deloitte’s analysis

The Switch & Co mobile app is now available in Hong Kong on iOS and Android. 

Images courtesy of Switch & Co.


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