Over 1,300 Listings For Organic & Eco Shopping/Dining in HK + GF/Paleo/Vegan Recipes + Health & Wellness Lifestyle Tips and News

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About Green Queen

The Green Queen Blog

If you are looking for the city’s best green living content, we have you covered. From restaurant reviews, to DIY tips to healthy eating recipes, to interviews with eco warriors and more, we make green living fun and informative while keeping you up to date on everything you need to know to experience Hong Kong the green way. Our posts fall into one of the below categories:

Green Queen Shopping & Living Guides: from the greenest toys to the best indie beauty brands to the best green wine addresses, our recommended guides are great for busy people everywhere.

Green Queen Health & Wellness: we explore the ins and out of specialty diets & wellness trends and share expert advice on everything from the paleo diet to cutting out sugar.

Green Queen Sustainable Lifestyle Tips & Trends: we share our DIY ideas, our tried & tested recipes, our be-green-on-a-budget tips, our eco beauty secrets & much more.

Green Queen Healthy Recipes: our clean eats from desserts to snacks to lunch- ideas you can easily follow from the paleo, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free arsenal.

Green Queen Clean Eating Restaurant Reviews: our restaurant review series, where we keep you up to date on the latest healthy, ethically sourced & clean eating dining spots in the 852.

Green Queen Loves – The Greenest Brands & Products In HK: we tell you the story of a green/organic/sustainable/artisanal Hong Kong brand we love.

Green Queen Eco Insights & News: we cover an ecologically important topic like what toxic chemicals are hiding in your bathroom or

Green Queen Heroes Interviews: we have an in-depth chat with the eco warrior in our community.

Green Queen Giving Charity/NGO Spotlight: we feature the most inspiring NGOs and charities in town in this regular series.

The Green Queen Story

Green Queen was born and raised in Hong Kong to an Indian mother and French-Italian father. After getting her Bachelors’ degree in the US, she worked in a variety of fields such as finance, consulting and real estate in London, New York and Hong Kong. In 2008, she was involved in an eco-initiative for green-roof building in Hong Kong at which point a brand new organic consciousness burst into her life and she became a fanatic researcher and learner of all things green, eco-friendly, organic, natural and chemical-free. She has never looked back! She spends all her free time educating herself on how to live a cleaner, kinder, greener life and annoying her friends and family with reasons why they too should go green. The idea for Green Queen was born when the name appeared to her in a dream and she realized it was time to share her tips, ideas, inspirations, factoids and more with a larger audience. She hopes readers will feel the same way.

The Green Queen’s Mission

Green Queen’s ethos is to encourage, support and inspire all those souls out there who want to live a greener, cleaner, kinder life. As she became more and more interested in living a greener life (and Hong Kong’s green consciousness awakened!), she became an avid consumer of green facts everywhere: books, magazines, websites, blogs, newspapers, product brochures. She realized that while there is so much quality information out there, it is often overwhelming to comb through it all. It requires a massive commitment that most of us aren’t all that willing to make. Her hope is that Green Queen will curate your green Hong Kong universe giving you access to all things green, sustainable, organic and eco-friendly. Each of us has a unique lifestyle with its own sets of trials and tribulations. Not all mothers have the luxury of feeding their baby entirely organic food. Not everyone can afford to install solar panels on their roof. We can’t all bike to work. But we can be kinder to ourselves and others. We can make small efforts to live cleaner. We can educate ourselves about issues threatening the sustainable future of our planet. We can make spending choices that better reflect our integrity. Green Queen will hold your hand through it all.

The Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong

The concept for a green guide began a few years ago when the Green Queen had recently become green-ified and she was attempting, with great difficulty, to find greener products in Hong Kong. It wasn’t easy and those around her thought her mostly ridiculous. Putting together an organic meal meant going to 3 supermarkets and 2 health food shops. Replenishing bathroom products meant traveling 45 minutes on the MTR to find eco-friendly shampoo. Cleaning her apartment meant convincing her husband that paying an extra 30% more for what seemed like nothing more than lemon and water was in fact going to save their lungs. Feeling mostly alone on her new journey but convinced that there were others like her out there, she decided to create a guide so that people would know where to shop green and the Green Guide to Hong Kong was born.

The guide has over 1,300 listings and we could not be more proud of it.  With interactive features, maps, logos, descriptions and the best keyword search in town, it is the only green Hong Kong resource you need.