10 Healthy Plant-Based Breakfast Ideas That Will Start Your Day Off Great

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What better way is there to kickstart your day than with a nutritious yet delicious breakfast meal to ensure that you’re keeping well inside and out?

All of these recipes are plant-based, which means they are both healthy and environmentally friendly. Below, 10 of our favourite vegan breakfast ideas that we just know you’ll love, from sweet smoothie bowls to savoury scramble. 

Source: A Couple Cooks

1. Banana oatmeal pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? These ones are a healthy vegan version made with banana and oats – full of fibre to keep you satisfied until lunch. Top with your favourite fruit!

Get the recipe: A Couple Cooks

Source: Simple Vegan Blog

2. Tofu breakfast scramble

For something savoury, why not try whip up a scrambled “egg” made from firm tofu? It’s much easier than you think and takes only a couple of minutes. 

Get the recipe: Simple Vegan Blog

Source: 2 Share My Joy

3. High-protein smoothie bowl

This one is perfect for summer, especially after a good sweaty morning workout. High in protein and fibre, and oh-so-tasty. 

Get the recipe: 2 Share My Joy

Source: Eat Real Shit

4. Vegan french toast

Plant-based and nutritious french toast? Say no more – you’ll only need 3 ingredients: bananas, soy milk and wholegrain toast of your choice!

Get the recipe: Eat Real Shit

Source: Monkey & Me Kitchen Adventures

5. Savoury veggie bowl 

If you have loads of leftover vegetables in the fridge, this one breakfast idea is for you. 

Get the recipe: Monkey & Me Kitchen Adventures

Source: Micadeli

6. Mushroom & avocado toast

Plain avocado toasts are so instagrammable, but to make it extra worthy, kick it up a notch with some sauteed mushrooms.  

Get the recipe: Micadeli

Source: From My Bowl

7. Vegan casserole

If you want to challenge your cooking skills a little more, try making this vegan casserole. It’s meal-prep friendly if you want to cook it the night before to save time and it’s also gluten-free.  

Get the recipe: From My Bowl

Source: The Worktop

8. Cinnamon breakfast muffin

It wouldn’t be a complete list without a breakfast muffin recipe. This one is cinnamony, filled with fibre-rich oats and easily customisable with any extra ingredients you have in your pantry. 

Get the recipe: The Worktop

Source: Minimalist Baker

9. Overnight chia pudding

Again, a great one to prepare the night before for those rushed mornings. This recipe uses chocolate with chia, but you can substitute with other flavours such as berries, fruit compote or just have it plain!

Get the recipe: Minimalist Baker

Source: Lazy Cat Kitchen

10. Plant-based brekkie tacos 

Finally, we have plant-based breakfast tacos. It takes a little more time to dish up, but is perfect for a weekend breakfast…or brunch, perhaps? 

Get the recipe: Lazy Cat Kitchen

Lead image courtesy of Micadeli.


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