5 Reasons Why Eating Seasonally Is Better For You (And The Planet)

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Living in the modern world means that you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it. This is very different from the way our human ancestors lived- they relied only on the fruits and vegetables that were available according to the time of the year. season. It turns out they may have been on to something. Here are 5 reasons why Green Queen believes in eating seasonally.

Reason 1: Sustainably Sourced

Fruits and vegetables have evolved to grow during certain seasons and in certain weather conditions. Forcing fruits and vegetables to grow when they are not supposed to means that the farmer is fighting against nature. This means it takes a lot more work, a lot more energy, and frequently more pesticides and fertilizers to grow the same crops then it would under more natural conditions. Eating seasonably is a more sustainable solution by a longshot.

fresh kale

Reason 2: Watch Your Wallet

Everyone has heard of the basic law of economics, which is the law of supply and demand. When a fruit or vegetable is available in abundance, it is cheaper. When that same product is difficult to come by the price goes up. This is why in the Northern hemisphere we eat a lot of berries in the summer and root vegetables in the winter. Eating seasonally and shopping at a local wet market is a very cost effective way to eat a nutritious diet without breaking the bank.

Reason 3: Fresh is Best

There are many reasons to eat seasonally, but perhaps the most important is taste! Seasonal items are going to be the freshest fruits and vegetables available and nothing impacts flavour as much as freshness.

mini pumpkins

Reason 4: Variety is the Spice of Life

Eating seasonally also means eating a diet that changes frequently. As we all know, variety is the spice of life. Consuming a diet that is full of many different types of fruits and vegetables, is beneficial for many reasons. Different foods have varying amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals so eating them ensures that your body has the nutrition it needs. Also,  certain foods may have higher levels of toxins and by eating too much of one thing you may be over-consuming those substances.  Finally by mixing up your diet, you can also help to prevent a food intolerance from forming.

Reason 5: Connect With The World Around You

Eating seasonally has the added benefit of allowing you to connect with your natural environment. Being mindful of what you eat and how it is related to the changes in climate will deepen your appreciate for the world around you. This is true in temperate zones as well as in the subtropics. Many cultures place special importance on eating seasonally and have dishes associated with different times in the year. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), for example, classifies foods as either heating or cooling and believes that by eating seasonal foods we allow our bodies to remain in harmony with nature.

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