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Driving Impact Through Retail: Fabrica X’s Plastic Circularity Pop Up Helps To Change Minds & Behavior in Hong Kong

4 Mins Read Through fun and relevant experiential programming, Fabrica X is educating Hong Kongers about ocean plastic waste and shifting consumer behavior around recycled materials. By: The Mills Fabrica Last year, Fabrica X, the Impact Retail concept store operated by The Mills Fabrica in Hong Kong, launched a signature campaign highlighting ocean plastic waste by featuring a selection […]

Thai Union Invests In French Algae Tech Platform Algama

2 Mins Read Thai Union, food giant and leading producer of Thai seafood, has invested in France’s Algama algae innovation platform. Thai Union’s Corporate Venture Capital Fund joined Algama’s recent €13 million Series A funding round to help accelerate its industrial algal ingredients for the food and beverage sector. “At Thai Union, we are committed to “Healthy Living, […]

What Is Molecular Farming? Plus 6 Companies to Watch

4 Mins Read In the race to clean up the food system, molecular farming is emerging as one of the protein industry’s most viable contenders. Molecular farming was first demonstrated more than 30 years ago when scientists produced a recombinant antibody and human serum albumin in transgenic plants and cell cultures. The tech has since expanded its reach with a number of […]

Hyfé’s Sustainable Mycelium Protein Scales Up Ahead of Schedule

3 Mins Read Climate-tech company Hyfé says it has scaled up the production capacity of its mycelium protein to 400L pilot bioreactors. On a mission to unlock low-cost production for sustainable products, the Chicago-based Hyfé is utilizing waste streams as a source for fermentation feedstock. It says it’s three months ahead of schedule, completing its scale-up last month. […]

Melibio’s Bee-Free Honey to Launch in Europe Next Year

3 Mins Read MeliBio’s novel vegan honey will launch in Europe next year through organic food producer Narayan Foods. Melibio’s honey will see its retail launch in European stores next year; Narayan’s products are available in more than 75,000 stores across Europe. The product launch marks the first time vegan honey of its kind will enter the European […]

BioFluff Closes a $500,000 Pre-Seed Funding Round for Plant-Based Fur

3 Mins Read BioFluff, the San Francisco-based company producing plant-based fur, has closed a pre-seed funding round of $500,000, with funding from SOSV/IndieBio fund, Joyance partners, and Ataraxia Partners Limited, among others. Fur made from plants is heading to a garment on you soon, with BIoFluff saying its ready to bring its first products to market next year […]

5 Ways Fungi Could Change The World, From Cleaning Water to Breaking Down Plastics

5 Mins Read By: Mitchell P. Jones Fungi — a scientific goldmine? Well, that’s what a review published today in the journal Trends in Biotechnology indicates. You may think mushrooms are a long chalk from the caped crusaders of sustainability. But think again. Many of us have heard of fungi’s role in creating more sustainable leather substitutes. Amadou vegan leather crafted from […]

Bill Gates-Backed C16 Biosciences Will Bring Its First Palm Oil Alternative to Market Next Year

3 Mins Read A sustainable alternative to palm oil can’t come soon enough. C16 Biosciences says it’s ready to make it happen with its first commercial product line launching next year. C16 Biosciences, the Bill Gates-backed company producing oils and fats using biomanufacturing, is celebrating its first industrial-scale 50,000-liter fermentation with the launch of Palmless, its consumer brand […]

This Engineered Houseplant Removes More Indoor Air Pollutants Than 30 Other Plants

3 Mins Read Following more than four years of research, Neoplants has revealed Neo P1: a bioengineered houseplant that’s capable of removing more in-home air pollution than common houseplants. According to Paris-based Neoplants, its bioengineered Pothos plant can capture and recycle the most dangerous indoor pollutants including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene. […]

Cresilon Closes $25 Million Series A for Biotech Hemostatic Gel That Works Instantly

3 Mins Read Brooklyn-based Cresilon has developed an innovative hemostatic gel for wound treatment in animals. With its $25 million Series A funding, the company is working to bring the life-saving tech to humans. Cresilon’s plant-based gel technology has revolutionized wound treatment. The new funding, led by Paulson Investment Co., will accelerate its plans to expand its placement […]

3 Italian Eco Entrepreneurs Changing The Future Of Fashion You Need To Know

3 Mins Read Italy has long been synonymous with luxury fashion and globally-recognised design talent. A new crop of Italian entrepreneurs are changing the discourse on what it means to create a fashion company in today’s global markets, where sustainability has become a key consideration. The fashion industry is reckoning with itself and sustainability has become the mot […]

Nourish Ingredients Closes USD$28.6 Million Series A for Microbial Fermentation Fats

3 Mins Read With backing led by Hong Kong-based billionaire Li Ka Shing’s VC Horizon Ventures, Australian food tech startup, Nourish Ingredients, has raised more than AUD$45 million (USD$28.6 million) in a Series A. The microbial fermentation-focused Nourish also received funding from Main Sequence Ventures and Hostplus to further its development of fats and oils for the alternative […]

We’re Loving These 5 Upcycled Sneakers Made From Waste

3 Mins Read Sustainable fashion is all the rage right now. Brands are launching everything from low-carbon vegan kicks to recycled underwear. But the eco sneaker space? It’s booming with innovation, with designers now using waste to create new shoes. Here, we spotlight some of our favourite upcycled sneakers to date.  1. Undo For Tomorrow: upcycled party balloons […]

WNWN Launches Cacao and Palm Oil-Free Daim-Style Candy Bars

2 Mins Read From the first company to make chocolate without both cacao and palm oil, WNWN has introduced its second product, called the Waim! Bar—a knock-off of the popular European Mondelez Daim bar. The new limited-edition candy bars are covered in chocolate that’s cacao-free, made by fermenting plant-based ingredients for a sustainable alternative to chocolate. “The Waim! […]

Mark Cuban and Emily Ratajkowski Back Prolific Machines’ $42 Million Raise to Scale (Cheap) Cultivated Meat

3 Mins Read Emerging from stealth mode, the celebrity-backed Prolific Machines is about to bring down the price of cultivated meat significantly. Profilic Machines’ $42 million was raised a year ago and comes from a long list of seed and an oversubscribed Series A investors including Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban and model and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The […]

With Greenwashing Crackdowns, H&M, Decathlon Retract Eco Statements

3 Mins Read As authorities crack down on greenwashing, frequent offenders H&M and Decathlon say they’re adjusting or removing sustainability claims. In recent announcements, both fast fashion brand H&M and sportswear retailer Decathlon said they will be more clear in their consumer communications about sustainability metrics. The announcements follow a report by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and […]

Biden’s Biotech Moonshot Lights the Way for Regulatory Approval of Cultivated Meat

4 Mins Read Biotech is a priority for the Biden Administration, as the President signed an executive order earlier this week implementing support for the emergent category. Funding amounts were not disclosed but Biden says biotech holds the potential to fight cancer and make alternatives to emissions-producing products including oil-based chemicals, plastics, and textiles, as well as animal-free […]

Compostable Seaweed-Coated Coffee Balls Are Coming for Your Nespresso

2 Mins Read Your coffee habit is on notice. Swiss retail giant Migros says it is launching a proprietary coffeemaking system aimed at replacing single-use coffee pods. Launching in Switzerland and France, Migros’ CoffeeB Coffee Balls were five years in the making. Designed to replace single-serve plastic coffee pods, they are encased in a thin protective layer that […]