WNWN’s Cocao-Free Chocolate Frozen Desserts Triumph in Häagen-Dazs Innovation Challenge

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WNWN Food Labs, the food tech startup focused on cocoa-free chocolate, has won ‘Best Demo’ in the Häagen-Dazs Start-Up Innovation Challenge.

The contest, organized by food innovation network EIT Food, focuses on finding solutions to crucial issues in health and environmental sustainability.

Häagen-Dazs innovation challenge

Last month, the London-based WNWN showcased its innovative product at the Arras Technical Center in France — the innovation nucleus for the Häagen-Dazs brand. WNWN brought forward nine different culinary applications using its unique cocoa-free chocolate, with a spotlight on three iterations of a chocolate hazelnut ice cream.

WNWN Founders | Courtesy

“The numbers don’t lie: chocolate itself generates more emissions per kilogram than dairy, so switching just that one ingredient dramatically reduces ice cream’s overall carbon footprint without requiring any other production changes,” WNWN CEO Ahrum Pak, said in a statement. “Our cocoa-free chocolate is a simple one-to-one replacement for the chocolate formats General Mills currently uses.”

The unique cocoa-free chocolate produced by WNWN originates from plant-based ingredients, such as legumes and cereals, thanks to its proprietary fermentation process. This allows the company to craft a product that mirrors the qualities of conventional chocolate, while being vegan, caffeine-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, and lower in sugar.

Chocolate-free chocolate

According to an internal lifecycle analysis, WNWN says its dark chocolate generates 80-90 percent fewer greenhouse gases than traditional chocolate, mitigating deforestation, habitat destruction, and unfair labor practices. In light of climate change threatening cocoa crops, WNWN’s innovative solution addresses concerns over potential chocolate shortages and increasing prices.

WNWN chocolate
WNWN chocolate | Courtesy

In May, the company debuted its first vegan version of milk chocolate. It tapped tiger nuts to recreate the creamy dairy-like texture.

WNWN raised more than $5 million in a series A funding round in March after launching its chocolate-free dark chocolate last year.


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