Health Box HK Wants You To Eat Better And Smarter

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December 2017 Update: Health Box has now become part of Eat Now Group

As a typical Hong Kong workaholic logging in exhaustive hours, Jess Cheung found herself in a downward spiral that was leading towards a career breakdown, before a spiritual change brought about the formation of her company. Overwhelmed by her workload and constant overtime, the normally upbeat and fit self-professed foodie was struggling to stay healthy. With no time to plan out meals or grocery shop, she had to resort to local cha-chaan-tengs or pricey upscale restaurants to dine, and as an emotional eater, the struggle was real. Fed up and ready for a change, Cheung decided to follow a dream she’d always had: creating a business that combined her love of fitness and food.

Health Box, the newest meal delivery service to hit Hong Kong’s wellness scene, is aiming to help those looking to improve their eating habits and physical well-being. With a mission to inspire and educate, Health Box wants to spread the message that the right kinds of food can change a person’s lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Designed by an in-house team of food and nutrition experts, Health Box takes the guesswork out of what to eat to suit your health goal needs. By getting their clients to complete a detailed questionnaire, the month-old company can tailor your food offerings and deliver your specified meals at a time of your choosing. The meals are free from preservatives or added toxins, prepared fresh to order and served in recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Health Box offers three different meal plans to choose from. Below we talk through the macro profile of each one.

What Diet?!

Geared toward individuals who aren’t necessarily looking to diet, A Healthy Me offers a balanced diet with no specific restrictions, The point is to take in an array of vegetables and protein to ensure you are getting a range of nutrients that you may be missing out on. This menu plan looks to ensure that your meals encompass at least 45% carbohydrates, no more than 35% protein, and at least 20% healthy fats.

Sample Menu: Chicken and herb salad with mixed veggies for lunch; Steamed sole filet with purple potato rice and mixed veggies for dinner.

Eat This, Not That

A low-carb diet plan, Weight Control has as a specific target to stimulate your metabolism with a combination of ingredients that feature low-GI options, the menu plan incorporates 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% healthy fats.. That’s GI for glycemic index, a measuring scale originally designed for diabetics. Think complex carbs like sweet potato, legumes, and whole grains aka stuff that digests more slowly, thereby making you feel more full and helping your body to metabolize fat more efficiently.

Sample Menu: Organic chicken filet with beet rice and veggies for lunch; Chicken with cauliflower sweet mash and mixed veggies for dinner.

Do You Even Lift, Brah?!

For those looking to increase muscle mass and bulk up, this menu plan is devised to have you consume almost twice your weight in protein (in grams). Protein Power has a breakdown to include 40% carbs, 45% protein, and 15% healthy fats. The food in this plan incorporates protein-rich ingredients and a considerable amount of carbs to support strenght training.

Sample Menu: Lemon and herb chicken with cauliflower coconut brown rice for lunch; Chicken and pork with seasonal veggies for dinner.

Full of flavor and plated with bright, colorful vegetables, Health Box is a great accompaniment to getting lean while keeping your diet clean.

Currently available for delivery on Hong Kong island,  prices start from HKD 240 for one day of meals, HKD 1, 200 for a week AND HKD 4, 400 for a month. You have the option to pick three meals a day or opt for lunch and dinner only. Order here or contact Jess at!

All images courtesy of Health Box HK.