Hong Kong’s Best Organic Produce Delivery Boxes

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A common complaint we hear all the time about Hong Kong is the lack of places to get premium quality, fresh organic produce delivery. While we might not have a large organic market available in town yet, the city is home to many fresh produce delivery companies offering organic fruits and vegetables from all over the world. From more budget-friendly options to zero-waste deliveries and pricier rare produce boxes – there is a subscription service for everyone!

We know that where the produce comes from is important. So we’ve gathered information on each company, where they have been certified organic from and by whom. We have also made it easy for you by pinpointing the best aspect of each company!

Eat Fresh HK

Source: Eat Fresh

Label: Certified HK-ORC Organic from Hong Kong, EU Organic from China & Taiwan Organic from Taiwan 

Green Queen Loves: The majority of the produce from Eat Fresh comes from local HK-ORC certified organic farms and they have a select few imported items from China and Taiwan, all of which are certified organic. They have a large selection of a la carte produce including fruits, veggies and herbs. They also offer seasonal subscription plan including detox bags, baby food bags and juicing bags. Deliveries are twice a week on both Tuesdays and Fridays and prices are very reasonable.

Best For: ZERO-WASTERS! Get your fruit and vegetables delivered entirely plastic-free in a reusable bag, which they will reuse and pick up packaging waste. 

Prices start at HK$ 385 for a 3.5 kg bag. More information here.

Magic Season Organics

Source: Magic Season Organics

Label: Certified China Organic From China

Green Queen Loves: Growing everything on their certified China Organic and from their mountain farm in Qingyuan, located 430 meters above sea level, Magic Season Organics offers a rotating selection of seasonal vegetables with their offerings leaning towards local varieties and leafy greens. They offer both subscriptions boxes as well as individual a la carte vegetables for order, and prices are very competitive.  Their website include a list of what’s available but you place your order via email and they accept credit cards, paypal or COD. Delivery is every Tuesday and is free for orders over HKD 150.

Best For: BUDGET-CONSCIOUS SHOPPERS! You can’t beat their prices – plus, they are super flexible (you can change anytime) and Magic Season Organics works hard to minimise packaging waste, and is almost plastic-free. 

Prices start at HK$ 209 for 6 items. More information here.

Homegrown Foods 

Source: Homegrown Foods

Label: Certified HK-ORC Organic From Hong Kong

Green Queen Loves: Homegrown Foods offers three types of subscription boxes: Western, Chinese and Mixed boxes and the produce is from local HK-ORC certified organic farms such as the chef-favourite Zen Organic farms. They have a three month minimum requirement and are a little on the pricier side: a 4 kg medium box is HKD 483 a week but they do offer some hard-to-find items like blueberry punnets. You can also choose to buy a la carte if you prefer. Conveniently, delivery is available every day. While they are not the cheapest option, they have a reputation for incredibly fresh, tasty produce and are a popular choice for those in the food industry, and supply many local restaurants.

Best For: SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES! The produce at Homegrown Foods is mostly locally grown. 

Prices start at HK$ 308 for a 2.5kg box, minimum 12 weeks commitment. More information here.


ecoFarm produce
Source: ecoFarm

Label: Certified EU Organic & USDA Organic From China

Green Queen Loves: Produce at ecoFarm comes from the pristine mountains of Jiangxi province, in China, and is certified USDA Organic, JAS Organic and EU Organic. You can either build your own box, choose between a selection of leafy greens and veggies, or choose between a couple of sizes of boxes with discounts for multi-week subscriptions. You can also add-on a large selection of fruits, heirloom vegetables, herbs and specialty oils. Orders placed by Thursday are delivered the following Monday.

Best For: RARE ITEMS! ecoFarm has an incredible variety stocked, including hard-to-find items like butternut squash, golden beets and purple potatoes. 

Prices start HK$ 435 for a box of 7-8 items. More information here.


Source: Lyfegreen

Label: Certified Taiwan Organic from Taiwan 

Green Queen Loves: Lyfegreen offers customers a range of options to deliver fresh, seasonal produce boxes, or you can build your own with their self-selection service (which comes with a surcharge). From superfood leafy greens like Snow Mustard and more premium items like Hokkaido White Fruit Corn – they seem to have it all. Lyfegreen was founded in 2018 as a joint-collab with Lyfetribe, a social enterprise in Taiwan working on organic agriculture and sustainable farming. All the produce from Lyfegreen are certified Taiwan organic, which has a zero tolerance policy against agro-chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants such as heavy metals.

Best For: VARIETY! Lyfegreen boasts a range of more than 150 different types of seasonal fresh produce!

Prices start at HKD 420 (with 4 veggies and 2 fruits). More information here.

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