Best Podcasts For Eco, Health & Wellness Inspiration

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We are big fans of podcasts here at Green Queen. Transforming our dreaded commutes to classrooms, exercising not only our bodies but minds as well, listening to podcasts is the ultimate brain food when our Spotify playlist just isn’t cutting it. While there is a vast array of podcasts to choose from, we’d like to put a spotlight on the ones geared toward wellness. Whether you’re wanting to learn more from some of the industry’s best thinkers, looking to gain a broader perspective on mindfulness, or hoping to nourish your happy, there’s definitely a podcast for you. Here are our favorite for eco and wellness inspiration!

Hashtag Impact

Hosted by Austrian native Regina Larko, #impact interviews people making a social impact with the work they do. From talks of advancing human rights, making your wardrobe more sustainable, to pioneering green and healthy living (from Hong Kong’s OG Green Queen herself, Sonalie Figueiras), #impact represents the the movers and shakers that are driven by passion and a cause to change the world.

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Rich Roll

A vegan ultra-endurance athlete, wellness advocate and best-selling author, Rich Roll delivers an insightful and thought provoking weekly podcast with some of the brightest minds and personalities across all categories of culture change. Designed to educate, inspire, and empower listeners to unlock and unleash our most authentic selves, Rich Roll is an incredible storyteller with an amazing lineup of exchanges.

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A digital marketing expert and certified holistic health coach, Amanda Cook brings you Wellpreneur, a show about digital marketing and business for wellness entrepreneurs. In her weekly podcasts, she talks with other successful wellness entrepreneurs including our very own founder, Green Queen’s  Sonalie Figueiras, and offers tips and advice about marketing your business with such ease and clarity that it might just inspire you to go out and start a new wellness business!

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Happier With Gretchen Rubin

New York Times bestselling author and happiness expert, Gretchen Rubin teams up with her sister, Elizabeth Craft, to give listeners advice about how to find and maintain happiness on her award-winning weekly podcast, Happier. Sharing insights and reporting on her adventures in pursuit of habits and happiness, this is a wonderful audio broadcast to get you thinking and practicing happy thoughts.

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The mindbodygreen Podcast

A extension of one of the biggest lifestyle media platform dedicated to the wellness movement, mindbodygreen founder and CEO, Jason Wachob, shares inspiring interviews with people shaping the wellness world. With episodes that cover health and fitness, nutrition, self-help and more, this unscripted podcast is a great insight into all the real stories behind the biggest names in wellness (Deliciously Ella and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, to name a few) and their personal journeys.

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Lifestyle blogger Elizabeth Dehn, better known as Beauty Bets, dives into the world of healing in her weekly podcast, Healers. Focusing on all aspects of healing, be it a broken heart or chronic health condition, Elizabeth sits down with guides and gurus who share insights on how to deal with obstacles.

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Images courtesy of Pexels, Hashtag Impact, Rich Roll, Wellpreneur, Happier With Gretchen Rubin, mindbodygreen, and Healers.


  • Jenny Star Lor

    Jenny Star Lor is Green Queen’s resident eco wellness writer. She is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint, loves all things fitness and enjoys tasting her way through Hong Kong’s veggie dining options. Originally from Los Angeles, she now calls Hong Kong home. Previously, she wrote and reported for global publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and US Weekly. She is also a passionate pole dancer and teaches classes across Hong Kong.

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