‘Superfood, Not Just Meat Alternative’: Better Nature Unveils Company-Wide Tempeh Rebrand

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U.K. tempeh brand Better Nature has rebranded across its entire product range ahead of Veganuary 2022. New packaging has been designed to highlight the benefits of tempeh as a superfood, not a meat alternative. The revamped livery goes live on January 1, 2022.

Alongside the rebranding, Better Nature is launching three new or updated tempeh products. An existing mince has been revised, with new curry bites and BBQ strips being released. All rebranded products will be available through existing distribution channels. In addition, Better Nature has secured a new distribution arrangement with upmarket department store Selfridges.

Knowledge with nutrition

The rebrand is motivated by a desire to educate consumers as to the purported benefits of tempeh. The company highlights that it is made from three ingredients and constitutes an unprocessed protein source. Tempeh, a traditional Indonesian fermented soybean product, contains naturally occurring gut-friendly prebiotics, which has earned it cult status as a “superfood” amongst the health and wellness world. Better Nature wants its audience to celebrate that and likely wants to capitalize on its ‘unprocessed’ identity as other plant-based meat alternatives are being attacked . Depending on which vinegars are used in production, it is also a suitable protein source for gluten-free vegans.

Alongside standard retail channels, Better Nature will be available through British recipe box service Mindful Chef as well as via Lion’s Prep and Feelgood Kitchen meal delivery services. A move into food service with Colectiv Food widens the brand’s reach further.

“Since launching Better Nature in 2020, our mission has always been to help people live healthier and happier lives through making tempeh more widely accessible,” Better Nature’s CEO Christopher Kong said in a statement. “With our rebrand and our updated assortment of all-natural, super-nutritious and accessibly-priced tempeh products, we are in a stronger position than ever to deliver on our mission and to lead the tempeh category in UK retail and to give back to those that need our help the most. We are incredibly excited to support the 1000 Days Fund to improve the wellbeing of children across Indonesia, not least with the help of naturally nutritious tempeh.

1000 Days Fund collaboration

From January 2022, 1 percent of Better Nature’s revenues will be donated to the 1000 Days Fund. The charity aims to improve understanding of and access to nutritious food within Indonesian communities. Supporting children’s wellbeing and development is a focus for the organisation. 

“We’re very thankful for Better Nature’s commitment to donate 1 percent of its total revenues to help support the wellbeing of mothers and children in the most rural villages and islands in Indonesia. Better Nature’s commitment will mean a lot to Indonesian families and children in places that need them most,” said Maritta Rastuti, director of communications at 1000 Days Fund.

Tempeh and beyond

Better nature’s rebrand and continued marketing endeavours are bolstered by a successful Seedrs crowdfunding campaign completed in March this year. £1.6 million was raised in two days. More recently, the company was awarded a £210,000 grant by the EU Horizon Eurostars Programme. The money will be used to research the potential use of tofu byproducts to improve tempeh nutrition. Key partners include Estonian biotech TFTAK and Spanish encapsulation and microalgae experts NuCaps and NeoAlgae. 

Earlier this year, Better nature announced that it is certified carbon and plastic negative. This status is expected to remain intact following the rebrand.

All images courtesy of Better Nature.


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