Bic Releases First Carbon Neutral Refillable Bamboo Razor In Sweden

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Disposable consumer products giant Bic has launched a new carbon neutral bamboo razor, as demand for sustainable alternatives continues to grow. The new eco-friendly razor has debuted in Sweden, packaged in plastic-free paper and comes with refills. Bic says the move is an “example of how Bic Company innovates to reduce the environmental footprint of its products”. 

Bic has taken a leap from its throwaway convenience product portfolio to keep up with the conscious consumer trend, launching its first bamboo-based razor in Sweden. The new E.U.-made razor, Bic Bamboo, is the company’s first carbon neutral, refillable shaver featuring a responsibly-sourced bamboo handle and sold in plastic-free packaging

The product is available to Swedish consumers online, and comes in an all-in-one kit that contains one handle and several refillable cartridges. Bic says that the paper-based packaging is made from 95% recycled paper and is completely recyclable, and will also be selling its refillable cartridges separately to allow the bamboo handle to be reused again and again. 

Bic Bamboo replaces the plastic-based handle with responsibly-sourced bamboo material.

“It has been designed to reduce our impact on the environment and to offer you an excellent shaving experience,” said the brand on its website. 

Bic has worked with Belgian environmental services company Co2Logic to support a number of sustainable land management projects in Kenya to offset the carbon footprint of its new bamboo razors.

The move from Bic – one of the world’s largest disposable product brands known for single-use plastic lighters and pens – to launch an eco-friendly and net-zero product comes as consumers continue to demonstrate their willingness to purchase more responsible products, even if they come at a premium. 

A recent Stifel survey found that more than 80% of consumers believe that sustainability is key for brands, and 71% responded that they care more about purchasing sustainable items compared to one year ago. 

Bic Bamboo comes with refillable cartridges.

In a follow-up global poll, Stifel researchers revealed that shoppers in European markets were the most likely to factor in sustainability in their purchasing decisions, compared to their American and Chinese counterparts. 

The conscious consumerism trend appears to be pushed largely by the younger generation of Gen Z consumers, with a number of consumer studies showing that they have been the main drivers in demand for fast-growing sustainable sectors, from plant-based proteins to secondhand fashion.

Bic’s decision to take to sustainable innovation and offset the emissions of its product comes as carbon neutral marketing becomes increasingly popular with brands to appeal to environmentally-aware shoppers. 

Recently, beauty brand Izzy launched a “zero-waste mascara” that can be refilled and is certified carbon neutral, while German retail giant Lidl made its entire vegan food range Vemondo emissions-free

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