More Than 33% of Brits Will Reduce Meat and Dairy In 2023, Survey Finds

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A new survey from The Vegan Society shows environmental resolutions are top of mind among Brits, with more than 33 percent saying reducing or eliminating animal products is a priority in the new year.

According to the survey’s findings, 50 percent of British consumers are increasing their environmental commitments in 2023, with reducing animal products playing a key role in their efforts. The findings come from a 2,000-participant survey conducted by The Vegan Society — the world’s oldest vegan charity.

The findings

According to the findings, at least half of participants said they’re making at least one resolution for the planet. Reducing animal products was the third most popular choice out of ten possible actions, with reducing energy use the first choice, followed by minimizing waste.

Fifty-six percent of non-vegan participants said they would decrease animal product consumption. Other options on the list were flying less, exploring greener travel options to fossil fuel-powered vehicles, investing responsibly, donating to climate-related causes, and voting or engaging with their political representatives.

Veganuary is coming in January | Courtesy

Veganuary drove the bulk of the diet-related options, with 28 percent of non-vegans saying they were giving it a go in 2023. Seven percent of participants, largely falling in the 18 to 25 age group, said they plan to go vegan for good. Older participants, those over age 58, were most likely to say they would reduce meat and dairy without giving it up entirely.

“It’s really encouraging to know that so many people are committing to doing their bit for the planet by reducing their intake of animal products,” Hannah Coyne, Campaign Manager at The Vegan Society, said in a statement. “Our Plate up for the Planet campaign aims to help people take this further and make one of the most effective changes possible to lower their carbon footprint.  

New year, new habits

“January is a prime time to get started, particularly with so many exciting Veganuary treats and menus on offer and, for those looking for a healthy new start, a well-planned vegan diet is the perfect tonic,” she said.

The Vegan Society says January is the perfect time to eat less meat. Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

 The Vegan Society says reducing or eliminating animal products is the most effective action to reduce one’s environmental footprint. The campaign points to an Oxford University study that found that if everybody followed a plant-based diet, food-related climate emissions would be cut by 70 percent.  

The group says research by Health Psychology Research Associate Phillipa Lally shows that it takes an average of 66 days to form a new habit. The month-long Veganuary will get people about halfway there, The Vegan Society says. It is an official partner of the campaign.


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