Cameron Diaz & Katherine Power Launch Vegan Wine Brand

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Hollywood star Cameron Diaz and Clique Brands founder Katherine Power has just launched a new vegan wine company. Called Avaline, the brand offers plant-based and cruelty-free wines made with organic and clean ingredients, and is completely free from isinglass or eggs, which are commonly used in the winemaking process. 

For now, Avaline stocks two wines – a “dry and crisp” white wine and a rosé that features “notes of melon and zest” – both retailing at US$24 per bottle. They are made using organic grapes grown without any synthetic pesticides, which are certified by the Competent Body of Catalonia and Bureau Veritas Certification, and contain no artificial ingredients, added sugars, colours or concentrates

“We believe that starting with organically farmed grapes is the most important step in making delicious clean wine,” writes Diaz and Power on their brand website. “We think of Avaline as simply organic grapes, fermented to perfection.”

According to the brand, additives are kept to a minimum. Both the rosé and white wine has under 100ppm of sulfites, a natural byproduct of fermentation, bentonite clay to bind proteins in the wine, cream of tartar to keep crystals from forming in the wine, and organic yeast and yeast nutrient to kickstart the fermentation process. 

Avaline says that most wines on the market can be “manipulated” with over 70 different additives.

Instead of using isinglass, which is derived from the swim bladders of fish, or egg whites, Avaline uses vegan non-GMO pea protein as a non-allergenic solution for the clarification process when manufacturing its wines. 

We believe that starting with organically farmed grapes is the most important step in making delicious clean wine. We think of Avaline as simply organic grapes, fermented to perfection.

Cameron Diaz & Katherine Power, Co-Founders of Avaline

Currently, wines are available online across 43 states in the U.S. and at select retail stores in the country. There is yet to be any news of Avaline being available in international markets. 

The launch of Avaline comes as traditional wine begins to fall out of favour with increasingly health-conscious millennials who are driving the rapid growth in organic and vegan wines. According to a recent market report by wine trading exchange Vinex, the global organic wine market could soon hit 1 billion bottles a year by 2022.  

Some millennials and Gen Zs have ditched alcohol consumption altogether, opening up another business opportunity in the world of alcohol-free wines and spirits. From retailers to bars, alcohol-free drinks – from fortified wines to non-alcoholic kombucha “gins” – is fast becoming a major trend.

All images courtesy of Avaline. 


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