The Complete Hong Kong Fresh & Organic Produce Home Delivery Guide

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We hear it time and time again: frustrated laments that there is nowhere to get premium quality, fresh produce delivery in Hong Kong. But the truth is, while we don’t have our own Whole Foods Market yet, the +852 is awash with quality fresh produce delivery companies. There are offerings from all over the world, with all kinds of produce featuring all kinds of organic labels (learn more about how to understand organic labels here). You can choose all kinds of varieties of fruit & veg, at all types of budget. You can go it a la carte or pick a more regular subscription box.

To some, where the produce comes from matters a great deal, and since we regularly get questions on this topic, we thought it best to create the ultimate fresh produce home delivery guide for busy Hong Kongers who don’t have time to see what’s in stock at their neighborhood supermarket or who can’t always make it to a weekend farmers’ market organized by geographical provenance to make it super easy to choose your favorite veggie terroir.   



  • The Fresh Grower has an incredible range of salad greens and choys, we counted 19 on their site, as well as a selection of fruits, veggies and herbs all harvested from New Zealand’s mineral-rich volcanic soil. You can purchase their produce a la carte or grab one of their vegetable, HKD 748 for 4.35 kg, or salad boxes, HKD 738 for 5.1 kg and smaller sizes are also available. For their boxes, the selection is seasonal and delivery is available six days a week.
  • South Stream Seafoods offers a wide range of a la carte fresh produce (over 25 varieties of fruits and vegetables last we checked) both conventional and organic (NASAA & ACO Certified), all hailing from Australia.
  • From MM Fresh, you can order a box of fresh Tasmanian fruits and vegetables, the selection of which varies with the seasons, that will set you back HKD 495 for around 5 kg of produce. They deliver every three to four weeks (they announce their delivery schedule on their website). Find out why it’s important to eat seasonally.
  • growsFresh offers a wide range of ACO organic vegetables and fruits- you can order a la carte of they have a 9 kg Family Weekly Fruit and Veggie Box for HKD 550.

2019 Update: MM Fresh no longer delivers fresh produce. 

China Farms

  • Magic Season Organics offers veggie boxes and a small selection of a la carte produce choices, all of which are certified China Organic and from their mountain farm in Qingyuan, located 430 meters above sea level. You can order one box at a time, there are a selection of sizes with the medium one coming in at HKD 300 for 3 kg. You can choose between a box with more green leaves or more veggies, which is handy. Order a subscription of ten to sixteen boxes to be delivered weekly, any day between Tuesday and Saturday. Magic Season is very budget-friendly and allows you to customize your veggie box each week.
  • Produce from ecoFarm come from the pristine mountains of Jiangxi province and is certified USDA Organic, JAS Organic and EU Organic. You can either build your own box, choose between a selection of leafy greens and veggies, or choose between two sizes, HKD 605 for 7.5 kg or HKD 435 for 4.4 kg with discounts for multi-week subscriptions. You can also add-on a large selection of fruits, heirloom vegetables, herbs and speciality oils. Orders placed by Thursday are delivered the following Monday.


Global Selection

  • Catch Grocery supplies Hong Kongers with certified organic veggies (mostly USDA Organic and EU Organic) and fruit from around the world. They offer a small produce box subscription (HKD 588 for two to three people), a large box (HKD 888 for four to five people) and they allow you to curate your own produce selection. You can also pick out items a al carte: choose from over 50 options of organic fruit, veggies, leafy greens and herbs. Delivery is available every day of the week except Sundays and they even offer same day delivery. 2019 Update: Catch Grocery has closed down. 
  • The Fresh Supply Co offers a selection of a la carte produce that puts most grocery stores to shame: we found ten varieties of tomatoes and 15 types of peppers alone. Their site is super easy to use and is organized by fruit, veggie and organic (they have both conventional and certified organic (mostly USDA Organic and EU Organic) options for many items). They source from the globe over, each product is helpfully labeled with a flag showing its country of origin. The Fresh Supply Co has a range of prices. They deliver Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 2019 Update: The Fresh Supply Co has closed down. 
  • Green Little Frog brings in organic fruit & veg from Thailand (certified to Thailand’s Royal Project Foundation standards) and we love that they have the best organic tropical fruit selection around including mangoes, bananas, mangosteen and pomelo! Delivery occurs once a week and works on a subscription basis. You can get a small bag (around 8 to 9 items) for HKD 500-520. 2019 Update: Green Little Frog has closed down. 
  • Adams Organic also delivers certified EU Organic and USDA Organic fruits, veggies and herbs grown in Thailand’s mountainous region. Their range is pretty extensive and you can go CSA style or choose your preferred selection. For HKD 500 plus local shipping fee, you can get a large bag of around 5 to 6kg. August 2017 Update: Adams Organic has closed down. 

Locally Grown

  • Organet Mall is an online platform that works with local HK-ORC certified organic farms to showcase their a la carte seasonal produce including greens, herbs, fruits and veggies. The site is very budget-friendly. Deliveries happens every Tuesday. Here’s why you need more local produce in your life.
  • Evergreens Republic offers up certified USDA Organic produce grown in their custom-built aquaponics farm in the New Territories. They offer a selection of a la carte produce including a selection of leaves and herbs as well as a subscription plan for either Western, Chinese or Mixed (a mix of both types) veggies in three sizes, the medium is HKD 325 for 1.8 kg per week, and the pricing is per month. They delivery quite regularly. They are great for leaves, tomatoes and herbs as well as veggie fruits like eggplants and cucumbers but don’t expect to find large items like pumpkins or melons.
  • The majority of Eat Fresh‘s produce comes from local HK-ORC certified organic farms and they have select imported items which are certified organic. They have a large selection of a la carte produce including fruit, veggies and herbs. They also offer a 3kg, starting at HKD 325  a week, and 6 kg, starting at HKD 558 a week, seasonal subscription plan that changes every week and even a 4kg juicing subscription, starting at HKD 360 a week. Deliveries are on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Like Evergreens,  Homegrown Foods offers three types of subscription boxes: Western, Chinese and Mixed boxes and like Eat Fresh, the produce is primarily from local HK-ORC certified organic farms. They have a three month minimum requirement and are a little on the pricier side: a 4 kg medium box is HKD 483 a week but they do offer some hard-to-find items like blueberry punnets. You can also choose to buy a la carte if you prefer. Conveniently, delivery is available every day.

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